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The Ectaco jetBook Color Receives a Significant Firmware Update Driven By Customer Feedback and Reviews

Jul 30, 2012

Long Island City, New York (PRWEB)

Completely unique, the jetBook Color is the only eReader in the world specifically designed for use in the educational market and is the first device in mass production using the eye-friendly color E Ink screen. Packed with over 35 applications (programs) for learning and freedom to download eTextbooks from almost anywhere, the jetBook Color is already a must-have for schools looking to save money by offering affordable tools and textbook material. An interactive SAT preparation course, complete language teaching program, talking dictionaries, language translators, a graphing calculator and math/science reference guides are just a few things included on the device. A full description of the jetBook Color can be found on

Educators crave autonomy of content and the jetBook Color delivers in a big way. The newly added Atom Pub feature allows a teacher to share class material with a student instantly via Wi-Fi. All class documents can be placed on the school server for easy access allowing books to be organized any way the educator sees fit like by course or grade level. Students can then select their classes or grade and download all the books instantly to their jetBook Color.

Also, the jetBook Color is fully compatible with the C-Pen scanner, a handheld tool which allows you to scan printed material and have it read aloud to you, translated to a different language, or even uploaded and stored on the jetBook Color. Users will also find a landscape mode, a 'clear all' button for in-book annotations and even a key-lock feature. A quick switch feature will allow the customer to easily navigate between two texts they are reading simultaneously. The interface of the jetBook Color can be viewed in one of 17 different languages, this is huge for international students and educators.

Numerous agencies have seen the product in action including the Department of Defense Educational Activity, United States Military, United States Air force, as well as hundreds of schools and universities all over the globe.

The needs of students and teachers are ever-changing; as such the jetBook Color will receive multiple firmware revisions/updates in the months to come. All of these updates are available online and no additional cost to the customer.

"The customers always provide invaluable feedback which we often use in development", states David Lubinitsky, CEO, Ectaco,Inc. when asked about the consumers role in this update. "The education of America's youth is at stake here, paying extreme attention to detail is a priority with the jetBook Color"

Contact Jerry Cimadomo at Jerry(at) or 718-728-6110 for further information.

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