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Site news archive 2008

Dec 26, 2008    iTRAVL Corrida – Bright Red And Ready For Action
 Run with the bulls with an ECTACO iTRAVL Corrida in your pocket. Just released and ready to let you travel anywhere in the world more comfortably and conveniently than ever before, the new iTRAVL Corrida is more – much more – than an electronic translator. Bright red and full to bursting with absolutely everything the well-prepared traveler needs to communicate more accurately, understand more completely and enjoy every trip you take more thoroughly, iTRAVL Corrida is the smart choice when only the best will do. Available in bilingual and multi-language models, Corrida is fully customizable and loaded with all the extras to meet every language management and communication challenge you will ever have.

Dec 19, 2008    500 - The New Number For Perfect Communication
 The brand-new ECTACO Partner ES500 English <-> Spanish - Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook is the latest device from the respected Partner range of portable electronic translating dictionaries. Created by the award-winning team of Ectaco designers, linguists and programmers, the slick new ES500 features all the latest functionality and arrives just in time to make its appearance at the top of everyone’s holiday present list. With an unbeatable 550,000 entry database plus 14,000 of the most important phrases necessary for immediate communication, the ES500 contains an absolutely massive amount of information to help anyone understand the world around them.

Dec 18, 2008    Talk Your Way Into The New Year With LingvoSoft
 Known for producing innovative, accurate and effective translating dictionaries that make working with foreign languages enjoyable, LingvoSoft is now offering fantastic deals on its award-winning line of talking translating dictionaries for Pocket PC. Available to translate between the languages you need for business, study and travel, LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary for Pocket PC is the surest way to gain complete understand of any foreign language. Including the world’s most advanced spoken output and lightening-fast search functions, their numerous user-friendly interface options make LingvoSoft dictionaries the first choice when you want the very best. Add in the incredible end-of-year offers available directly from the developers and you’ll quickly understand why there’s never been a better time to get over the language barrier once and for all.

Dec 5, 2008    The Dawn of a New Era in Communication
 Just when you thought electronic translators couldn’t get any smarter or more functional, Ectaco has raised the bar yet again. The newest in a long line of innovative handhelds, the ECTACO Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook delivers the goods by satisfying the most demanding user’s need for responsive and accurate translation under even the most difficult conditions. Bringing together a huge bidirectional translating Dictionary, an intuitive Picture Dictionary and a massive 70,000 entry English explanatory dictionary, the Partner EA900 is loaded with everything you need to be successful and effective in business, language study or while traveling.

Dec 1, 2008    Portable Devotion With jetBook
 For many people, a Bible provides comfort in difficult times, offers eternal words of wisdom and provides the answers you can’t find anywhere else. And at this time of year, when thoughts turn towards Christmas and its true meaning, having a Bible at hand seems like the most natural thing in the world. But when packing for the trip home to visit friends and relatives, how often is it left behind simple because there isn’t enough room between all the presents and holiday outfits? Thanks to Ectaco, you can now have your Bible and read it too – wherever you go. With the release of the all-new ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader with English Bibles, the world’s lightest and most compact pocket library has just become the repository for the Word of God! Capable of storing thousands of books, music and picture files, the jetBook is a universal mobile library that lets even those who face difficulty seeing regular printed books enjoy reading again with its easy to scan high-resolution 5-inch display and choice of fonts and text size. And with its advanced search and bookmark features, jetBook lets you mark your favorite passages in the Bible and find them easily whenever you want. Available in a wide choice of colors from a cheery holiday red to a classic and modest gray, the range of features and reading opportunities is limited only by your imagination.

Nov 21, 2008    The Gift Of Knowledge
 Need that perfect gift for the college-bound student in your life? The ECTACO English-English Dictionary with SAT Words Tutor SAT-1600 may just be what you have been looking for. A real powerhouse, it’s packed with everything anyone preparing for their SATs needs to be a success and get into the right school.

Nov 14, 2008    Trade Up! Get Huge Discounts with an Ectaco Trade-in

It’s not often that you get a chance to trade in your worn out purchases. Sure, you can trade in your car but when it comes to personal computing, you are usually stuck with the choice you made several years ago and which has quickly gone out of date. Not so with Ectaco! Offering everyone the chance to trade in older or obsolete handheld devices, the company has started another revolution in customer service and satisfaction. What’s the catch, you may well ask? The good news is that there is none! Ectaco is prepared to take ANY electronic dictionary, made by ANY manufacturer, in almost ANY condition. Now that’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. So how does it work? It’s simple, really. The first thing, and probably the most difficult, is to decide which of the hundreds of desirable Ectaco models you can’t wait to get you hands on. Then, once you’ve made your choice, write the company at and let us know which new product you want to own, and which device you are offering in trade. Within a day or so, you’ll be given an expert quote that includes shipping costs and, if you agree with the offer, all that’s left for you to do is simply order the handheld dictionary/translator of your choice at You’ll get the new dictionary as soon as you pay for your order and, once the company receives your old device, they’ll mail you a check or give you a credit for the agreed amount. It couldn’t be simpler! So, with the holidays just around the corner, and not much money left to spend, why not let Ectaco help you do something nice for yourself? It won’t cost you much and it will put you in the holiday spirit faster than you could ever imagine.

Find out more about the Ectaco trade-in offer here.

Nov 7, 2008    Accessorize Now!

ECTACO may be known for providing the planet’s best translation handhelds but what you probably didn’t know is that in addition to the all the assistance the company provides in helping you understand and be understood, it also offers a whole world of valuable add-ons that let you get the most out of your device’s most advanced features. Of course ECTACO offers all the usual accessories that let you protect your investment such as carry straps and cases. But what really sets the company apart are the extras that take advantage of the full-range of ECTACO devices’ advanced functionality. At the top of the list of ways to get more out of your device are ECTACO MMC and SD cards. These easy to install memory cards represent a quick way to add new linguistic content and offer an economical means of increasing your knowledge and travel opportunities by extending the usefulness of the popular Partner, C-4 and iTRAVL range of devices. Power converters for use in hotels - and even your car - make it easy to keep your device in peak condition when you need it most, while ECTACO C-Pen handheld scanner and software packages let you grab and translate text wherever you find it. For those devices with Speech Recognition and Language Teacher modules, a whole selection of microphone and headphone combinations are available to help you get the most accurate translations possible and make learning more effective. But no matter which device you have, you will always find something to improve to your experience and get the most out of your investment with approved ECTACO accessories. The only question is, why settle for less when you can have the best?

Find out more about the full range of ECTACO accessories here.

Nov 5, 2008    Carry 270 Countries In Your Pocket!

The ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader has just become a whole lot more useful with the all-new addition of the CIA World Factbook as one of its pre-loaded resources. Published by the US Central Intelligence Agency, the Factbook provides exhaustive information about the countries of the world. With concise and reliable summaries of the demographics, geography, communications, government, economy, and military of 270 U.S.-recognized countries, dependencies, and other areas in the world, it is an invaluable resources for anyone traveling to a foreign country or doing research for school or business. In addition, jetBook also includes the Fodor’s Travel Guide as another of its premium travel resources and is also able to store thousands of e-Books, audio files and pictures so that you always have your very own personalized, portable library everywhere you go. And that’s not all! jetBook also offers advanced translation options with a choice of bidirectional dictionaries so you can read and learn without ever opening another book. Support for a huge selection of European languages and all the most popular file formats, a large screen that is easy on the eyes, and a number of different type sizes and styles mean that every book you read on your new jetBook will be an experience that you will never forget!

Learn more about the advanced features of the world’s greatest e-Book here.

Oct 31, 2008    Effective and Affordable Language Study With Ectaco

Learning a new language can be an expensive proposition. And it seems that the cost of language courses and textbooks is increasing daily. But with Ectaco and the popular ECTACO English <-> Spanish Language Teacher ES400TX there’s no limit to what you can accomplish! Offering English and Spanish speech synthesis as well as the popular and effective FlashCards learning game, this fully integrated bidirectional talking dictionary is a truly versatile and flexible study and communication device. Delivering more than 520,000 entries for instant translation, the ES400TX also supplies over 1,200 phrases grouped by topic give you access to all the first-use phrases every new language learner needs to know to get by in the most commonly encountered situations. In addition to the main vocabulary, the ES400TX also contains medical, technical, legal, and business terms, as well as slang, idioms, and general expressions. With its large, high-resolution graphic screen, universal organizer, calculator, and appointment scheduler as well as built-in metric and currency converters, you will have everything you need to learn and communicate at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Learn more about the ECTACO English <-> Spanish Language Teacher ES400TX here.

Oct 24, 2008    ECTACO jetBook Now Delivered With Free Premium Title

The world’s most popular e-Book reader has just gotten a whole lot more practical with the inclusion of the Fodor’s Travel Guide. A premium title that makes visiting some of travelers’ most popular destinations an experience to remember, the ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader now not only lets you carry around a complete library but also helps you get the most out of any trip you take. Quickly becoming a bestseller since its introduction earlier this year, jetBook has taken the e-Book world by storm. Offering users the ability to carry around a complete library – literally thousands of e-Books – jetBook is the first of its kind to also include optional translating dictionaries that make it the fastest way to learn languages. The inclusion of Fodor’s Travel guide now makes jetBook the only book you’ll ever need when traveling. By providing the insights and tools needed to enjoy exactly the trip you always dreamed of, jetBook readers now have instant access to hotel listings, recommended restaurants, must-see sights, the best shopping, extensive transportation links and the hottest nightlife – all the most up-to-date information on what to see, do and eat wherever their journey takes them.

Find out more about the remarkable ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader here.

Oct 17, 2008    ECTACO Releases Spanish Text Translator For The Intermec CN3 Handheld

Known for providing advanced software solutions for business and government agencies, ECTACO, Inc. has just released its first bilingual Full Text Translator for the Intermec CN3 handheld communication device. Designed to meet the needs of workers performing mission-critical tasks in transportation, logistics and field service, the CN3 mobile computer can now be outfitted to deliver fast, accurate, bidirectional translations from any source for perfectly readable texts every time. Instantly translating in either direction between English and Spanish, the LingvoSoft English <-> Spanish CN3 Talking Text Translator provides professional quality full text translation of technical documents, e-mails, and business and personal letters and speaks any text aloud using the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice synthesis modules. By offering translations using intuitive cut and paste commands, the opening of a text document, or via the device keyboard, the CN3 Talking Text Translator makes working with any text easier than ever before and offers superb translation on the fly. Including specialized terminology and a customizable multilingual interface with a choice of 5 display languages, the Translator also offers compatibility with MS Pocket Explorer and Pocket File Explorer to take full advantage of CN3 Internet connectivity and to increase mobile productivity.

Learn more about the all-new LingvoSoft English <-> Spanish CN3 Talking Text Translator here.

Oct 13, 2008    LingvoSoft Takes Another Best Software Award 2008!

In an announcement made just a few short hours ago, LingvoSoft has been singled out for top honors in the 8th Annual Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards. Adding to the long list of triumphs for LingvoSoft designers, programmers and linguists, this year the entire class of LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries 2008 for Pocket PC has bested the competition in the Multilingual Dictionary category. With features that include some of the largest databases ever compiled, outstanding Speech Recognition and advanced voice output capabilities, as well as full compatibility with the most popular MS Pocket Office applications, LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries for Pocket PC deliver accurate and reliable results every time. Founded to recognize the industry’s best software, the judges for the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards choose the top products from more than 4000 entrants annually. This year marks the 4th year in a row that the judges have honored LingvoSoft.

You can find out more about award-winning LingvoSoft software here.

Oct 13, 2008    Best Of The Best - LingvoSoft Wins Again!

In recognition of the tremendous usability, reliability and accuracy of LingvoSoft software, the judges of the 8th Annual Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards have handed LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBooks for MS Smartphone top honors in the coveted Phrasebook category. The most advanced handheld travel software around, LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBooks turn any MS SmartPhone enabled handset into an incredibly convenient handheld translator that goes anywhere you do. Able to deliver instant bi-directional translations between the world’s most popular languages, LingvoSoft PhraseBooks speak their translations out loud using real human voice narration. Confirming the company’s status as industry leader when it comes to providing users with software applications they can really count on, the award marks the 4th year in a row that LingvoSoft has been singled out for its remarkable achievements. To single out industry leaders that create new and noteworthy software solutions for handheld computing, the judges for the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards chose from over 4000 new products every year.

You can find out more about just how amazing award-winning LingvoSoft software is here.

Oct 10, 2008    LingvoSoft Takes 2 Handster Awards!

In an awards announcement on October 1st 2008, Handster affirmed that LingvoSoft had once again been singled out for its outstanding contribution to the field of handheld communication. Following hot on the heels of nominations for outstanding software from SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine, the Handster awards confirm what millions of satisfied users already know – that when it comes to the Joy of Understanding, no one beats LingvoSoft. This year, in recognition of its advanced approach to translation and communication, LingvoSoft has been given not one, but two Best Software Awards! Receiving kudos for the LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Chinese for SmartPhone and the LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> German for Pocket PC, the company adds two more prestigious awards to its growing collection of honors. Selected from 2500 applications, the Handster award evaluates the popularity and satisfaction ratings of the world’s most advanced software to come up with just a few of the most noteworthy new titles available to help users get the most out of their handheld computers. Part of an overall approach to customer satisfaction, all LingvoSoft applications deliver the same level of performance and reliability to make the choice as easy for users as it was for the Handster judges.

Learn more about award-winning LingvoSoft Software here:
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Chinese for SmartPhone
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> German for Pocket PC

Oct 9, 2008    Translate Between Hindi and English With Your New Partner!

Translating electronic dictionaries for the Hindi language are rare indeed, and ones which speak their translations out loud using a sophisticated combination of TTS speech synthesis and authentic, native-speaker voice pronunciation are even rarer. Add in the world’s most sophisticated Speech Recognition that understands what you say to it and nothing can compare with the remarkable ECTACO Partner EHi800 - English <-> Hindi Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook. Incorporating a bidirectional dictionary that contains over 338,500 entries in its exhaustive words database plus 14,000 of the most commonly used phrases that can all be translated and spoken aloud at the touch of a button, the partner really gets the job done when accurate, reliable communication is called for. And when it comes to words written in a different alphabet, the Partner really shines with a completely customizable interface that not only does the speaking for you but also shows you just how to write any word correctly. With the fastest search utilities around, loads of additional linguistic resources pre-loaded in the device including exam preparation guides and five different enjoyable linguistic games that make learning fun, there is nothing you can’t accomplish with ECTACO as your Partner.

Find out more about the ECTACO Partner EHi800 - English <-> Hindi Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook here.

Oct 3, 2008    8 Languages, Unlimited Possibilities

With the release of the all-new ECTACO Partner C-4ML8 Multilingual Professional Talking Electronic Dictionary & eBook anyone who reads books in multiple languages, is studying one or more foreign languages or those who need translations of foreign language texts for work or travel now have a perfectly portable solution for international communication. Looking like a real book, the C-4ML8 features 2 hinged screens that can be opened, closed and held like a just like your favorite paperback. The difference is that this book is smarter and more stylish than any old-fashioned printed book ever was. Inside the covers of the C-4ML8 you will find a whole world of translation and reading opportunities awaiting you. With more than 4,000,000 words in its unbelievably complete databases that can be spoken aloud using the latest Text to Speech synthesis, you can easily translate between English and Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish – instantly! And from the easy to read twin screens to the comfortable and intuitive keyboard, everything about the C-4ML8 makes using some of the world’s most popular languages accurate and reliable. In addition, the C-4ML8 contains 14,000 of the most commonly used phrases for each language pair and speaks them aloud using authentic native speaker voice narration. Loaded with all the extras that make the difference between something that is simply useful and something that will change the way you communicate and learn forever, the C-4ML8 contains exam preparation guides, grammar resources, currency and metric converters, a world time clock and much, much more. And to make things even more interesting, every ECTACO Partner C-4ML8 comes with a bonus CD containing over 150 exclusive LingvoSoft applications including Talking Dictionaries, FlashCards and PhraseBooks for 39 languages.

Find out just how amazing the ECTACO Partner C-4ML8 Multilingual Professional Talking Electronic Dictionary & eBook is here.

Sep 26, 2008    Finnish and Russian – Perfect Partners!

With the holidays quickly approaching and the visits between Finland and Russia increasing as well, the need for a sophisticated yet affordable translator that can handle both languages has never been greater. Able to translate and speak over 218,000 words and 14,000 travel related phrases, the ECTACO Partner RFn800 - Russian <-> Finnish Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook contains everything you need to understand and be understood in a single, slim handheld device. In addition to the world’s most sophisticated TTS (text-to-speech) Russian speech output the device also features amazing Russian Speech Recognition that understands what is said to it, translates it into Finnish and speaks the translation aloud. It absolutely amazing! The device’s crystal-clear, professionally narrated native-speaker voice output in both Russian and Finnish for all of the PhraseBook entries make communicating on whichever side of the border you find yourself accurate and dependable. But that’s not all. Full to capacity with valuable information and indispensable utilities, the ECTACO Partner RFn800 includes an optional Russian language interface, a robust Media Player with MP3 support, currency and metric conversions, world time, a daily alarm, a calculator and much, much more to help make the most of your every trip you take!

Learn more about the amazing ECTACO Partner RFn800 here.

Sep 24, 2008    The World’s First Handheld With Japanese Machine Translation Unveiled In Tokyo

Long Island City, September 15, 2008 - The innovative New York City based electronic translation giant ECTACO Inc. has announced plans to introduce the world’s first handheld translator for English and Japanese speakers with English<->Japanese Machine Translation at the CEATEC JAPAN 2008 from September 30-October 4 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Based on the company’s award-winning iTRAVL Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary, the device is set to change the way East meets West.

The new talking iTRAVL is packed with English and Japanese (Kana) voice output and incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology to provide true Machine Translation capabilities – something no other company can claim.

ECTACO Inc. President and CEO David Lubinitsky said, “iTRAVL is the world’s most sophisticated translation handheld that helps break down communication barriers with its unparalleled combination of Speech Recognition, authentic human voice output and the largest dictionary in the world. Addressing the theme of CEATEC, which is ‘A New Stage of Connecting People,’ ECTACO helps contribute to more abundant lifestyles and open new business horizons by introducing a variety of technologies to help bring people closer through language.”

ECTACO iTRAVL is unique in the world of handheld language and travel assistants and includes everything the business or leisure traveler needs to make visiting foreign destinations an enjoyable and easily navigated experience. With the world's best Speech Recognition System that understands and instantly translates any of the tens of thousands words and phrases, an unsurpassed Travel Voice PhraseBook that translates and speaks 14,000 phrases fluently, and indispensable travel resources that include the official Fodor's Travel Guide, CIA World Factbook and Travel AudioBooks, iTRAVL has become the choice of savvy travelers everywhere and has won awards all around the world.

iTRAVL Machine Translation uses Systran software to translate text or speech from Japanese to English and vice versa. The MT performs the fastest and most thorough translations found anywhere. And now has upgraded features including phrase recognition, and translation of idioms in readable output of longer texts.

CEATEC JAPAN 2008 is the world's most comprehensive exhibition of cutting-edge information technology (IT) and electronics. Being held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from Tuesday, September 30, to Saturday, October 4. The sponsors of CEATEC JAPAN 2008 are the Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ), Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) and Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ).

Sep 19, 2008    Legal Matters Translated Instantly!

One of the fastest growing professions in the world, the legal trade is all about communicating effectively and accurately. Many attorneys often work with non-native English speakers which can often make delivering the information you need to get across time-consuming and imprecise. And when the outcome of a case can hang on a single word, it doesn’t pay to settle for second best. Enter the ECTACO Speech-to-Speech Attorney SpeechGuard AT-4. Designed to allow clear, concise and effective communication between attorney and client, the Attorney SpeechGuard is indispensable when it comes to presenting a successful case. Portable and discreet, this intelligent handheld device contains a large number of the phrases legal professions needs and is able to translate them and speak them aloud. Rugged and convenient, the device offers straightforward, voice-activated topic navigation as well as allowing you to store your own personal entries. A high-quality touch screen is equipped with a backlight for easy readability in low light conditions and volume control lets you maintain your client’s privacy. Equipped with an expansion slot it is easy to update the device with the latest developments in the legal profession. With the SpeechGuard AT-4 in your arsenal of tools, you can discuss appointments, definitions, conduct basic interviews, discuss fees, sentencing, conduct a motor vehicle interview, as well as criminal interviews with clients and rest assured that they understand exactly what you are saying.

Find out more about the ECTACO Speech-to-Speech Attorney SpeechGuard AT-4 here.

Sep 12, 2008    New iTRAVL Interface Makes Communicating Easier

Starting today, all new iTRAVL devices feature fully deployed multilingual interfaces that make using these sophisticated communication devices more comfortable than ever before. Now featuring a fully customizable multilingual translating environment that offers you a choice of English, Chinese mandarin, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, iTRAVL lets even non-English speakers get the most out of their devices by offering access to the incredible range of iTRAVL features in a choice of 9 languages. Available in bilingual, multilingual and deluxe versions for all of the world’s most popular languages and a unique combination of the most advanced language management and translation solutions, the award-winning iTRAVL is designed to help you succeed anywhere you go. Whether you are at the airport, dealing with foreign partners, or visiting a doctor or restaurant, iTRAVL lets you get more from every trip you take by providing the tools you need for perfect understanding and effective communication. And it lets you do it with the perfect understanding that comes from operating in your own language! Now access unsurpassed Multilingual Speech Recognition, a Hands Free/Eye Free Mobile Infotainment System, the unbeatable Audio PhraseBook that understands what you say and speaks its translations aloud, a unique Language Teacher system that lets you begin speaking another language immediately, as well as the industry's largest translating Talking Dictionary plus all the other extras that make the iTRAVL one of a kind in the language that makes you feel most comfortable.

Learn all about the incredible range of iTRAVL devices for every need here.

Sep 11, 2008    A Bigger Vocabulary In No Time At All!

There is no better way to build your vocabulary than with LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC. Proven to be the most effective tool for helping you to memorize new words, with award-winning LingvoSoft FlashCards installed your handheld nothing will stand in the way of your having an impressive vocabulary in no time at all. The secret is that you can use it whenever you have a free moment - on the train into work, waiting for a plane or when you have time to kill between classes. With a choice of 5 effective and enjoyable games LingvoSoft FlashCards offers three different levels of general vocabulary including Business, Computer, Medical, and Legal terminology. And with access to LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder you can easily create your own personal database from text files and clipboard bits to design specialized vocabularies of the words you need to learn most. And so you know how well you are doing, FlashCards lets you keep track of your progress with advanced statistical analysis. An integral part of LingvoSoft Suite, FlashCards offers even more opportunities for language learning when installed in combination with the rest of the LingvoSoft family of applications. So why wait any longer? In the time it takes to order and download the FlashCards of your choice you can already change your life for the better and start learning the words you need to be a success!

Learn more about LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC here:

LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Albanian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Arabic for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Armenian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Azerbaijani for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bosnian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bulgarian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Croatian for Pocket PC

 Known for making the world’s most intelligent handheld translation and language learning devices, ECTACO is also responsible for some of the industry’s best software. This week ECTACO was honored with a nomination from Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine for their Best Software Award 2008, which is presented annually by a panel of industry leaders. This year, the experts have chosen the ECTACO Voice Translator for consideration as one of the most helpful and useful software applications. ECTACO Voice Translator is a large electronic phrase book with more than 3200 phrases in 15 categories. It has a built-in text-to-speech engine (TTS) and a voice recognition system, so you can either view the translation of a selected phrase on the screen, or listen to it. You can even have your PDA or handheld computer recognize sentences spoken in one language and to say them back in another! Its attractive, convenient and intuitive interface allows you to find the phrases you need quickly and easily and with TTS you will be able to learn how to pronounce the phrases you use. A very handy tool for your trips abroad, the ECTACO Voice Translator phrase bank is filled with a careful selection of the most common and widely used expressions for all the situations you will certainly encounter while traveling. And it is much easier to use than a dictionary, especially if you just started to study the language! So why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about and join the millions of satisfied users who have always known that ECTACO is the best of the best.

Find out all about ECTACO Voice Translator software and ECTACO handhelds here.

Aug 29, 2008    Modern And Cool With The New ECTACO jetBook!
 Now available in a cool, modern, gray housing, the world’s most versatile portable library is here to take reading into the 21st century. Able to store thousands of your favorite books, your most cherished pictures and the music you like to listen to, the ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader is the most practical and portable e-Book ever invented. Easy on the eyes and weighing a mere 7.5 ounces it puts an entire library in the palm of your hand. jetBook lets you search, bookmark and cross-reference using its unique features and even turns the “pages” for you so you can just sit back and enjoy. It’s eco-friendly too – not a single tree was harmed to create your jetBook and it comes complete with its own collection of books pre-installed so you will already have a head start on building your new library! With support for Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and other European language content, jetBook is also fully adjustable so that even those who have trouble reading conventional books will be able to enjoy reading again on the huge, state-of-the-art 5-inch VGA reflective monochrome screen. And read you will – for hours and hours! jetBook is powered by a special rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery that delivers more than 20 hours of continuous, active use. That's enough for even the longest plane journey! And with a quick recharge time using an AC/DC adapter or by connecting it to your laptop device via a special USB cable, you will always be ready to read. Now all you need to do is choose one of the thousands of books available free of charge on the Internet and start reading! With jetBook you’ll never have to visit a library or bookstore again!

Find out more about the new gray jetBook here.

Aug 22, 2008    Grab and Go – With the Ectaco/C-Pen Handheld Scanner
 Have you ever wished you could save and translate a piece of text you saw in the subway or copy part of a book or newspaper to look at later? No mater if you are learning another language or standing in a shop, searching word by word for the translation of a book, poster, train timetable or label on a food product with a dictionary is worse than annoying – its nearly impossible. While you stand there trying to figure out what the information you need means, you could have missed your train, lost a chance to see a great show or misunderstood the one ingredient that you or your loved one are allergic to. Not to worry! With the Ectaco/C-Pen handheld scanner you will be able to grab and upload text from virtually any surface and translate it instantly. The Ectaco/C-Pen handheld scanner is more than a convenience – it can really be a lifesaver! Connect it to your desktop, laptop or handheld PC and whole new worlds of translation opportunities will open before your very eyes. Able to recognize hundreds of languages, when used in combination with Ectaco translating software from LingvoSoft, the C-pen lets you translate the world around you instantly. LingvoSoft software dictionaries also have the ability to speak their translations aloud using the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) modules so you will know just how to pronounce any word – and get it right the first time!

Find out more about how easy it is to translate everything you see with the Ectaco/C-pen here.

Aug 15, 2008    Join The Party – With the Ectaco Partner!
 Very few people in this world are able to speak 15 languages and those that can probably don’t have much time to take holidays. Anyone who owns the ECTACO Partner E15C800 Talking Electronic Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook, however, has the best of both worlds. A powerful multilingual travel companion, the remarkable Partner E15C800 is one of the world’s most impressive language management handhelds. The clear leader in the field of portable translation devices, it is absolutely one-of-a-kind and includes both a sophisticated speaker independent speech recognition system that lets it understand what is said to it in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and crystal-clear, professionally narrated native-speaker voice output in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. With an extensive dictionary that features one of the world’s largest vocabulary databases with 10,000,000 entries, it offers frequent travelers and students alike plenty of opportunities for perfect understanding and faultless communication. Including TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology and lightening fast search functionality in its collection of essential tools, the Partner is intelligent, flexible and quick to respond. With its hi-res color touch-screen, a Media Player with MP3 support, currency and metric conversions and world time the Partner is your passport to a world of adventures you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about the Partner E15C800 here.

Aug 8, 2008    Russian and English At Your Own Pace!
 One of the most popular languages in Europe these days is Russian. It seems everyone wants to be a part of one of the fastest growing economies and discover the culture of one of the world’s great powers. But there’s a big difference between having the desire and being able to find the way that’s just right for you. Worthwhile classes are not so easy to find and books can never help you with pronunciation and in attaining a natural, native-speaker’s level of comprehension. Without listening and speaking practice, all language study is virtually useless. That’s where the ECTACO Partner ER850 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook comes in. Containing everything you need to become fluent and accurate in another language, you now have your own personal tutor who allows you to learn at your own pace and develop your language skills in the most natural way possible. Pre-loaded with the unique Language Teacher system, the Partner ER850 trains your language skills through a unique combination of vocabulary building, listening comprehension and speaking exercises. It even grades your pronunciation so that you will be able to speak with no accent at all. With loads of exams, quizzes and other tests, you can keep track of your progress and see just how much you have learned. And when you want to visit Russia, you can take the ER850 along with you. It will instantly translate and speak tens of thousands of thousands of the words and phrases you need to understand and be understood – no matter what the situation. With the largest most accurate databases around, great supplementary linguistic resources and the fastest search functions on the planet, you will always be prepared whether traveling for business or pleasure or learning a new language from scratch.

Find out all about the ECTACO Partner ER850 here.

Aug 4, 2008    New German Language Releases Announced!
 With the release of new and updated translating dictionaries for the German language, LingvoSoft has just made translating between some of the world’s most sought after language pairs easier and more convenient than ever before. Featuring the largest, most accurate databases that have been fully updated and lightening-fast advanced search functionality, the new LingvoSoft Dictionary for Pocket PC is now more useful than ever before. With and an easy to program and fully customizable interface that includes Users Dictionaries that you can personalize and the most advanced Speech Recognition and TTS voice output capabilities you will be able to see and hear the words you need most for complete understanding. An integral part of the world’s most advance set of linguistic tools that have won rave reviews and important awards from the most respected sources, LingvoSoft Dictionary has been designed to help anyone succeed at home, school, or work by providing you with everything you need to get the job done. Use LingvoSoft Dictionary for Pocket PC to communicate and learn and you will always find yourself on the wining team.

Aug 1, 2008    The Traveler’s Best Friend!
 Heading off to China soon? Maybe you’re one of the lucky few that managed to get tickets for some of the events at the Olympic Games in Beijing, or perhaps you’re just off to spend a week or two relaxing on the beach in Hainan? With the price of airfare these days, you probably don’t have huge amounts of money left over to play around with but you certainly have enough for something that could save you literally thousands of dollars, keep you from being cheated and let you communicate with the locals on their own terms.
Here to help you translate the world around you, the ECTACO Partner EC800 - English <-> Chinese Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook is a revolutionary, expandable bilingual Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook. Stylish and functional, its hi-resolution color touch-display and state-of-the-art linguistic tools offer access to more than 560,000 words and phrases! Featuring state-of-the-art English and Chinese Mandarin speech recognition that allows it to understand any of the tens of thousands of pre-programmed words and phrases, the EC800 also includes highly advanced, crystal-clear English and Chinese voice output recorded by native-speakers in the Audio Travel PhraseBook section alongside the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology that voices each and every dictionary entry.
Intelligent and reliable, this Partner is literally packed with information and tools that let you make the most out of your trip or improve your command of another language so you’ll also be able to use it after your trip too – something other travel dictionaries can’t boast. So why not get prepared today? Gear yourself up with the traveler’s best friend and see just how exciting your voyage of discovery can be with the Partner by your side.

Jul 29, 2008    Have It Your Way – With ECTACO!
 Helping you get just the handheld translation device that’s right for your specific needs and budget is what Ectaco is all about. With a wide range of products to suit every situation pre-built and ready to ship there are, however, times when a custom fit is what’s demanded.
With the ‘Build your own multilingual translator’ service, ECTACO will put together one of their iTRAVL NTL or Alpine handhelds to your exact specifications. Looking for an unusual language combination – Yiddish, Thai, Hindi and Japanese, for example? All you have to do is contact the company, tell them what you need and – presto! - you’ll soon be carrying around a translator unlike any other in the world. But no matter what language combination you choose, you will always have access to the full range of the advanced iTRAVL features.
Containing an incredible array of utilities that include the world’s most advanced Speech Recognition, native speaker voice output and the largest dictionary and phrases databases ever assembled, the iTRAVL also features a unique Language Teacher utility with a Mobile Infotainment System that you can use during your commute to work. Helping you to communicate on the move wherever you are iTRAVL lets you learn a new language and start speaking like a native in a matter of minutes. And with extras like an MP3 player, travel utilities like a world time clock, conversion calculators and much more, these Windows CE powered devices offer a level of sophistication, responsiveness and functionality you never dreamed possible. So, if you need to translate between rare and unusual language combinations or just want to make any trip you take more memorable, there’s no need to look any further than ECTACO iTRAVL NTL and Alpine devices. Ready to start speaking like a local? Then find out just how easy it can be, here.

Jul 18, 2008    1 GB Polarized Spy-Cam Sunglasses With MP3 Player For Your Summer Getaway
 How many times have you wished you could capture a stunning panoramic view exactly as you were seeing it? In most cases a regular digital camera just won’t do, especially when you’ve got to take it out of its case and turn it on. Nine times out of ten, you’ve already missed what it was you wanted to take a picture of. With the new, super stylish and super functional Ectaco iTRAVL Sunglasses With Digital Camera and MP3 Player with their hidden hardwired CCD color camera, you’ll never ever miss the perfect shot again! That’s because this camera is always ready to go and pointed at exactly what you are looking at! Built-into a pair of lightweight, protective sunglasses with polarized lenses and featuring a 90 degree field-of-view, you’ll be able to capture anything you see - anywhere you go! With a massive 1 GB memory you can store up to 10,000 photographs. That’s a lot of memories! And thanks to advanced USB connectivity, you can simply attach the Polarized Sunglasses to a PC to download your pictures to your hard-drive or upload you favorite music for use with the hands-free MP3 player that is also built-in to these remarkable sunglasses. Now you’ll not only have the perfect record of your holiday when you get home but you’ll also have the perfect soundtrack while you are living it. And if that weren’t enough, these unique sunglasses can also be used with a 41 language Audio Phrasebook CD that comes included in the package so you can also use them to help you speak with the locals no matter where you travels take you this summer. With dozens of new MP3 Talking PhraseBooks available now, or on the way, you can easily practice ordering a drink from the pool-bar in almost any language. So get geared up for the perfect summer getaway today! Find out more about the one-of-a-kind Ectaco iTRAVL 1 Gigabyte Sunglasses With Digital Camera and MP3 here.

Jul 14, 2008    Navigate Your World - In Any Language!
 Trying to communicate in a language that uses an alphabet different from your own can be a real challenge. Where to begin? Many people opt for expensive language classes but often give up due to frustration and poor teaching methods. But with the all-new LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook for Windows your success is virtually guaranteed. Perfect for beginners wishing to start speaking another language, they are the perfect way to learn the phrases you need to understand and be understood in a variety of commonly encountered situations. Offering everything you need to gain the confidence necessary to succeed, their intuitive interface, accurate translations and advanced speech capabilities let you start speaking and understanding a new language immediately. Complete with real native-speaker voice output of 14,000 of the most popular phrases they will help you get along no matter where you find yourself – in a restaurant, at the bank, in the post office or even at the hairdressers. Divided into 15 easily navigated sections, LingvoSoft PhraseBooks take the worry out of international travel and let you focus on what’s most important – having the time of your life. And with a customizable interface with choice of 5 different display languages, several options per phrase, the ability to add new topics and complete Windows Vista support, you will be communicating in another language before you know it!

Jun 27, 2008    Learn Russian or English on your own terms - now!

Have you ever though about learning English or Russian but didn’t know where to begin? Now it’s never been easier to get started thanks to the latest translating handheld from the award-winning ECTACO team. With the release of the Partner ER850 Deluxe - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary, Audio PhraseBook and Handheld Scanner everything you need to start speaking another language can now be held the palm of your hand. Like having your very own dedicated private tutor, you will be communicating accurately and effectively faster than with any other method and you’ll be speaking your first new words within seconds of turning it on! Offering an easy to navigate bilingual interface, advanced speech output for perfect pronunciation, learning exercises and speech evaluation, this remarkable device is the only choice when you want to speak like a native. Using fluent native-language voice narration and giving you step by step instructions, quizzes, and pronunciation help, you simply talk into the translator and it tells you if you're saying the words or phrases correctly so you'll learn through speaking and listening at the same time. And with access to a complete dictionary filled with over 1,100,000 words, you build up your vocabulary gradually through lessons and quizzes you can take at your own pace. A special section containing over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken in fluent English and Russian means that learning an entire language can be accomplished in no time at all! The inclusion of a convenient Handheld Scanner even let’s you grab and translate text anywhere you find it – in a book, on a prescription or even from a poster in the street! And with all the little extras that really make a big difference, the Partner 850 Deluxe offers you a voice recorder, a media Player with MP3 support, metric conversions and size equivalents, world time and daily alarm, a calculator, and even an American citizenship exam preparation guide! So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to start learning a new language! Find out just how easy it is here.

Jun 24, 2008    Speak 19 Languages Instantly!
 Ectaco has long been known as the company that revolutionized the concepts of convenience and usability in portable translation. With their latest release they have taken it 19 steps beyond. Now, with one single device anyone – no matter what age, skill level or familiarity with cutting edge technology – is able to begin speaking 19 foreign languages within minutes. That’s right, 19 languages! With the ECTACO iTRAVL Alpine-19EE all you need to do to be able to communicate like a native around the world is pick up an iTRAVL and go! Containing Travel Audio PhraseBooks and talking Translating Dictionaries for all the included languages, not only does iTRAVL recognize and translate what you say to it using the latest Speech Recognition technology, but the iTRAVL Alpine also speaks all of its contents aloud! And as if that weren’t enough, the iTRAVL Alpine also replaces the bulky resources that used to take up most of your luggage when traveling with practical information on transport, hotels, restaurants and more through the inclusion of the respected Fodor’s Travel Guide and CIA World Factbook. Add in the little extras like an alarm clock, calculator, metric converter and an MP3 player and you have effectively reduced the amount of books and gadgets that you used to need when traveling to one single, stylish and reliable palm-sized device that makes every trip you take the best ever. But that’s only the beginning! iTRAVL Alpine will even teach you all of its 19 languages faster than any other method with its remarkable Language Teacher utility. But don’t take our word for it, try Alpine iTRAVL for yourself and see just how easy it is to communicate, understand and succeed. Find out more here…

Jun 4, 2008    Translation needed? Try the Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6
 Whether one can imagine a situation in which it might be worth $600 depends on your love of gadgetry. The new Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6 is a "talking dictionary"--a thin hand-held computer with a speaker that can translate eight languages. Its most fun feature is the wand--you run it over any text and see the words repeated on the screen. Press "OK." ˇBien! The translation appears on-screen or via a robotic voice. Twenty-eight more languages are due by

May 30, 2008    New jetBook Revolutionizes Reading!
 With the release of the new jetBook e-Book Reader, ECTACO has made it possible to hold a complete library in the palm of your hand. The first true universal book of the 21st century, you can now carry the work of thousands of your favorite authors with you wherever you go. Clean, smart and eco-friendly, the slim and elegant jetBook is an incredibly sophisticated e-book reader that not only stores more books than most people read in their entire lifetimes, but does so in less space than a regular paperback book. And as if that weren’t enough, jetBook also includes an mp3 player that allows you to listen to your favorite AudioBooks. In addition, jetBook is preloaded with several translating dictionaries so that you can now simultaneously enjoy a good read, get a translation or definition of a word that you don’t understand, listen to your favorite music files and look at photos - all with a single remarkable device. Lighter and more compact than any other e-book on the market, jetBook is also easier on your eyes thanks to a large, ophthalmologist-approved, 5-inch high-resolution display. Now you can enjoy a good read for hours on end without the eyestrain that comes from staring into a backlit screen. And those who have difficulty with the extremely small font size of most books will really appreciate the ability to choose different typefaces and sizes. Weighing a mere 7.5 ounces, the super-slim jetBook takes full advantage of Internet resources where thousands of books can be downloaded for free. Thanks to jetBook whether you enjoy crime fiction, biographies, classic literature or poetry you will always have exactly the book you want in the palm of your hand. Find out more about the revolution in reading here.

May 28, 2008    Learn More, Faster - Only With LingvoSoft!
 When thinking about learning a new language the first question that comes up is usually 'where do I begin'? At LingvoSoft we have the answer! Finally, there is an alternative to classroom-based courses and it is changing the face of language study as we know it. And unlike most language courses, with LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBooks 2008 your success is virtually guaranteed. Perfect for anyone who wants or needs to start speaking a new language immediately, they offer everything necessary to give you the confidence to succeed. Containing 14,000 of the phrases you need most to be able to communicate freely, LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBooks use a sophisticated combination of native-speaker voice output and speech recognition to help train your pronunciation as you build your vocabulary. With an intuitive and easily navigated user-friendly interface that has won rave reviews from users of all ages, you will find exactly what you need in no time at all. And because LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook is part of the LingvoSoft family of applications, you will be able to add on Dictionaries, Full Text Translators, Dictionaries and much more to keep pace with your advancing skills. Completely Windows Visa ready and full-loaded with the latest innovations in linguistic processing power, LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook will have you speaking a new language in no time at all.

 LONG ISLAND CITY, NY. Ectaco Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Deluxe Edition iTRAVL Multilingual Talking 2-Way Language Communicator, Language Teacher and Electronic Dictionary. Ectaco has been known for pushing the limits of communication, but this time all barriers have been broken. Not only can these new iTRAVL Deluxe’s recognize your voice, translate whatever you type in, teach you a new language, and help you locate everything you need while traveling – they now come with an attached scanner to zip through any written text you find! Posters, menus, books, anything you can think of – just scroll the Ectaco/C-Pen over the text and it will automatically recognize, upload, and translate into your language of choice. “We’ve upgraded the original Ectaco iTRAVL to it’s full capacity this time. It had already been praised as the World’s most advanced linguistic device (, and now with these new improvements to the hardware and software, you’ll be amazed each time you pick it up. The Deluxe Edition was designed and developed to grant it’s chosen user the ability to understand and communicate in another language easier and more comfortable than ever before, making the journey as enjoyable as your destination” – said David Lubinitsky, Ectaco’s CEO. The Deluxe Edition now features built-in Mobile Infotainment Software for those who travel by car or train. Just mount it on your dashboard or have it in your pocket and the iTRAVL Deluxe will talk to you through the hands-free and eye-free interface, teaching you a full language at the same time. Along with all the updates, such as the audio-visual Language Teacher program, speech recognition based Audio PhraseBook, first-ever Linguistic Audio Crossword, and convenient desktop cradle, Ectaco now has included the largest 2-way e-dictionary ever been built into a portable device. Even the new Smart AudioKeyboard™ is included that makes learning foreign letters a breeze – just by pointing and clicking with your fingers, the letters come to life as they’re pronounced fluently in the language of your choice. Ectaco iTRAVL Deluxe is currently available for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish and Chinese in bi-lingual or multilingual combinations. A new step in the world of translation and learning technology – the iTRAVL Deluxe promises convenience and aid anywhere your travels may take you. To find out more about the new iTRAVL Deluxe and the unlimited language learning opportunities visit or

May 16, 2008    Let The Adventure Begin – With iTRAVL!
 Thinking about where to go this summer for some much needed rest and relaxation? According to recent studies, the most important factor affecting choice of destination after price and distance is whether or not travelers are able to speak the local language. In the past, most people opted to play it safe and stay closer to home where they were sure to be understood. Today, worries like this are about to become a thing of the past thanks to the award-winning new ECTACO iTRAVL DELUXE. Slim, intelligent and exceedingly portable, this remarkable talking handheld translator contains everything you need to get the most out of any trip you take. Allowing you to travel in comfort and style, it helps you do everything from communicate in a foreign language and choose a hotel or restaurant to offering instant help in emergency situations. With its unique combination of advanced Speech Recognition that understands what you say to it, native-speaker voice narration of thousands of phrases in its Audio Travel PhraseBook, and a unique Language Teacher system, you can begin speaking any language within minutes. Designed to make any trip you take more enjoyable and rewarding, the ECTACO iTRAVL DELUXE package also includes the revolutionary Ectaco/C-Pen handheld scanner that lets you grab text wherever you find it – on a menu, a doctor’s prescription or even a poster on the wall – import it, and get an instant translation. Combine that with the handy travel utilities that include the Fodor’s Travel Guide, an extensive talking translating Dictionary, talking calendars, metric conversions and an mp3 player for your favorite Audio Books and you not only have the smartest handheld in the world but also more room in your luggage for the things that matter most. So have the adventure of your life, you deserve it. And with ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe on your side, there’s nothing holding you back. The world is yours for the asking!

Find out all about the remarkable ECTACO iTRAVL DELUXE here.

May 4, 2008    Picture Yourself Speaking Chinese and Russian!
 With all the vocabulary you need to know to begin communicating in another language, it’s no wonder that many people don’t have the time or the patience to start at all. Thanks to the newest Picture Dictionaries for Pocket PC from LingvoSoft all that has changed and now anyone can get their message across instantly, and with absolutely no previous knowledge of a foreign language. As easy as pointing at the picture of the word you want to say, Picture Dictionaries contain thousands of full-color pictures stored on your Pocket PC that you can access anytime, anywhere. Especially useful for languages like Chinese and Russian, which use non Latin-based alphabets, Picture Dictionaries are so simple that even children can use them to understand and be understood in the most direct and intuitive manner possible. The talking versions even take it one step further by pronouncing the words for you in both languages so that you also get practice saying the words you need most to communicate effectively, comfortably and most importantly, immediately.

Apr 20, 2008    Unique Talking Dictionary Offers Instant Portable Translation

Long Island City, New York – ECTACO Inc., the leading US-based supplier of electronic handheld solutions for the public and private sector has just announced the release of a unique talking electronic dictionary. The new ECTACO Partner C-4 Professional Talking Electronic Dictionary & e-Book replicates the look of a traditional book but with some important distinctions. Providing users with a instant translations and learning tools, it stores volumes of conventionally printed dictionaries into a sleek portable device.

Featuring two hinged panels that open and close like a real book, twin high-resolution displays, a full keyboard for text input, and an extremely comprehensive database, the Partner C-4 is available to supply instant English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Serbian, Albanian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese translations. Its state-of-the-art speech capabilities include a sophisticated combination of TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis and authentic native-speaker voice narration to pronounce each of its entries aloud for improved comprehension.

ECTACO President and CEO, David Lubinitsky, recently said “The Partner C-4 contains up to 1,000,000 entries and more of general vocabulary including special terminology’s requested by legal, medical and IT professions. This makes the Partner C-4 a truly functional and reliable partner whose helps is equally useful for students, travelers and businesspeople alike. Thousands of people have relied on it to help with exam preparation using the included utilities and learning games designed to let those taking important proficiency, college entrance, and citizenship tests to succeed.”

In addition to the dictionaries, the ECTACO Partner C-4 comes pre-loaded with 14,000 indispensable phrases that can be pronounced using speech that was originally recorded by authentic native speakers to make learning and communicating in another language easy and accurate. Fully customizable and expandable using content provided on SD cards, the standard C-Book package comes with a bonus CD containing over 150 linguistic applications, including translating Dictionaries, FlashCards, and PhraseBooks for 39 languages that can be used to improve anyone’s command of the world's most popular languages.

Apr 18, 2008    New LingvoSoft Titles For Your Visits East

LingvoSoft have just announced a whole new collection of talking PhraseBooks from their award-winning team of designers and linguists that help you navigate the Middle and Far East in comfort and style. Helping you lean how to speak the most useful 14,000 phrases needed to get by in any country, the all-new Learning Voice Phrasebooks are the most effective way to prepare for any trip abroad. Allowing you to understand and speak languages with different alphabets is part of the LingvoSoft mission and the new Windows PhraseBooks provide you with the tools you need to succeed. With advanced native-speaker voice pronunciation of all phrases, an extremely user-friendly interface with voice navigation and complete Vista compatibility, you now have access to everything you need to say what you want – and get it right the first time. Fully integrated with the entire Suite of 2008 LingvoSoft applications that also includes Text Translators, FlashCards learning games and extensive Talking Dictionaries, it has never been easier to enjoy foreign travel or learn a new language.

Apr 15, 2008    ECTACO (USA) and C Technologies (Sweden) brings a new generation of translating devices to the market.

Long Island City, NY and Lund, Sweden. April 15, 2008 – Another state-of-the-art addition to the award winning ECTACO iTRAVL series has just been released by collaborating Ectaco (USA) and C Technologies (Sweden) that will change the way we translate texts forever! This joint operation has led to the development of an ultimate translating package that consist of the ECTACO iTRAVL multilingual hand-held - a Windows CE operated device, and the C-Pen scanner that can scan and translate any written text you feed into it!

The NTL iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe edition is the first of it’s kind. Anyone, anywhere, and anytime can scan any text they find with the portable pen-like device and upload it instantly onto their iTRAVL for a full translation. Requested by students and government agencies alike, it is now easy to get full text translations into virtually any language. Just slide the C-Pen over any text and it will instantly appear on your iTRAVL for translation through the built-in Machine Translation system or smart dictionary module.

ECTACO, Inc. CEO David Lubinitsky recently announced that, "It is a new step in foreign language learning and translation. Aside of our Smart Keyboard and Multilingual Speech Recognition technology for data entry, customers have received a possibility to scan and translate words, sentences, paragraphs and entire text in the luxury of a University library or on a business trip. It brings the combination of these two products to new heights.” Peter Johansson, CEO of C Technologies said: "The value of using C-Pen in the context of translation has been proven before and we are confident about the convenience the C-Pen will bring to users of the iTRAVL."

A new step in the world of mobile translation technology, the new iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe Edition will help dramatically to intensify mobile data collection and translation of foreign documents by various US agencies including the US Army and Police.

Find out more about the new NTL iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe Edition and the unlimited language learning opportunities here

Mar 28, 2008    Now Speak Like a Native – Instantly!

Providing users with the means to communicate easily, comfortably and effectively, Lingvo Talking Phrases 2008 offers the resources you need to succeed. With the release of new phrasebooks for new languages, and in new combinations, everyone is sure to find the tool they need to make speaking another language easier than ever before. Featuring 14,000 of the phrases most commonly used by international travelers, students and businesspeople, Lingvo Talking Phrases 2008 equips you to understand and be understood instantly in a variety of commonly encountered situations. With its unsurpassed speech recognition, native speaker voice narration and user friendly interface you will always be able to find and speak the phrase you need. Use it to improve your understanding, pronunciation and fluency and to make the most out of any language you want to speak. Instantly!

Learn all about LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook here:

LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> Bosnian for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> French for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> Italian for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook Russian <-> Estonian for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> Croatian for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook Russian <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English <-> Albanian for Windows

Mar 21, 2008    New jetBook e-book reader from ECTACO set to change the way we read forever!

Long Island City, NY, 19 March 2008 - An astonishing new gadget has just been released by ECTACO Inc., the NY-based electronics giant, that will change the way we read forever! Known for making award-winning handheld translators that have done more than any other company for taking translation, travel and learning into the 21st century, has now unveiled a device that is set to do the same for reading. Kiss your old-fashioned, dusty library goodbye and say hello to the jetBook – the clean, smart, eco-friendly way to read. Get ready to have more space on your shelves at home, in your luggage when you travel, and on your bedside table too.

jetBook is an incredibly sophisticated e-book reader with a built-in mp3 player that allows users to listen to AudioBooks as well as keep up with their reading. Preloaded with translating dictionaries, you can simultaneously enjoy a good book, improve your vocabulary by looking up and translating any words you want, listen to your favorite audio files and check out photos - all in the same device! With an incredibly simple to read, large 5-inch, high-resolution display that is easy on the eyes, users can now read for hours without the eyestrain that comes from ordinary computer screens. And those with trouble reading normal-sized print books will benefit from the different fonts and sizes you can change to instantly. Weighing in at a remarkable 7 ounces, the super-slim device fits easily in the palm of your hand for a truly comfortable reading experience.

ECTACO, Inc. President and CEO David Lubinitsky recently announced that, “The new jetBook now makes it possible to carry around a complete library – from novels to technical documents, even children’s books and poetry. This completely amazing device lets you sit down and read more comfortably than ever before. It really is the book of the future and fully eco-friendly. Not a single tree was cut down to make it!”

With thousands of books that can be downloaded for free, filling the “shelves” of this universal library should present no challenges. The only problem will be trying to decide which books you want from the vast resources now available online. Just download and read what you want, whenever you want it!

To find out more about the new jetBook and the unlimited opportunities for reading in the 21st century visit

Mar 14, 2008    LingvoSoft Adds New Languages!

Now available in more languages and newer combinations than ever before, the award-winning LingvoSoft Dictionary for Windows is here to make translating and communicating in just about any foreign language more effective and more enjoyable. Featuring all the latest linguistic and programming advances, the latest dictionaries are available in both talking and non-talking versions. Simply install one on your desktop or laptop PC to begin exploring a whole new world of opportunities at home, at school or at the office. With a fully customizable interface that includes a choice of display languages, lightening-fast search functions and convenient to set up and access User Dictionaries, the new 2008 versions are a fully integrated part of a comprehensive family of linguistic software applications from LingvoSoft that are here to help you communicate more successfully than you ever dreamed possible.

Find out more about the newest LingvoSoft Dictionary releases here:

LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Arabic for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Persian (Farsi) for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary Russian <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary French <-> Arabic for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary French <-> Arabic for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Arabic for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Persian (Farsi) for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Russian <-> Hebrew for Windows

Feb 28, 2008    LingvoSoft is 100% Vista Ready – Are You?

A whole host of new LingvoSoft Dictionaries 2008 for Windows have just been released to let you translate, learn and communicate in some of the worlds most sought after languages. Available in Russian, Hebrew, Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Armenian the newest translating dictionaries are completely Windows Vista ready and come in both talking and non-talking versions. With a choice of user interface that now offers 10 different languages, the new dictionaries are truly one of a kind. Containing all the latest updates to the dictionary databases, extended functionality and unique features that make getting the most out of these incredible resources both fast and intuitive, users now have the opportunity to translate, understand and be understood faster and more completely than ever before. For use at home, at work, or at school, LingvoSoft Dictionary for Windows is a sophisticated linguistic tool that virtually guarantees success.

Learn more about the new LingvoSoft Dictionary for Windows here:

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Russian <-> Armenian for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary Russian <-> Azerbaijani for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Russian <-> Azerbaijani for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary Russian <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Russian <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Dictionary Russian <-> Turkish for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary Russian <-> Turkish for Windows

Feb 19, 2008    Translate Rare and Unique Language Combinations - With Pictures!

Build a better vocabulary in no time at all with the latest Picture Dictionary. Based on one of the simplest means of communication ever invented – pointing at the object you want - LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary allows anyone to speak another language quickly, intuitively and accurately. Simple enough for even children to use, Picture Dictionary requires absolutely no previous knowledge or special skills to benefit from its surefire system. By presenting you with thousands of full-color pictures to choose a translation from, you will always find just the right word. And with an advanced talking version that speaks the translations aloud, you will always know just how to say it! Perfect for anyone starting out in a new language, both children and adults will enjoy the novelty of its logical and dependable interface . So no matter what age you are – from 4 to 40 – its never too late or too early to start learning another language. It’s as simple as a picture!

Learn more about the newest Picture Dictionary releases here:

LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary Albanian <-> Serbian for Windows
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary Spanish <-> Turkish for Windows
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary French <-> Hungarian for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary Turkish <-> Japanese Kanji for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary Turkish <-> Persian (Farsi) for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary German <-> Ukrainian for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary Finnish <-> Thai for Windows
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary Hungarian <-> Greek for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary French <-> Finnish for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary Turkish <-> Japanese Kana for Windows
LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary French <-> Hebrew for Windows
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary Russian <-> Japanese Kanji for Windows
LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary German <-> Ukrainian for Windows

Feb 18, 2008    Snow White and Ready For Action – New ECTACO iTRAVL Alpine Turns Heads from Alaska to Albania and the Beijing Olympic Games!

14 February 2008 - ECTACO iTRAVL, the intelligent handheld travel companion invented by ECTACO Inc. of New York, has just become a whole lot more fashionable. Not only does this remarkable gadget that won the coveted 2008 Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award take you around the world and back, it now does it in style and can send you on a trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

The newly released iTRAVL Alpine is already winning envious looks from all the fashion mavens from 5th Avenue to the Champs Elysees. But stunning as the outside of this revolutionary device may be, the sexy exterior is nothing compared to what is packed inside. Designed to help anyone communicate and navigate a foreign language in no time at all, the iTRAVL Alpine is the world’s first 2-way, hands-free travel assistant that takes the worry out of foreign travel for good.

ECTACO CEO and President David Lubinitsky described it as, “A true step forward for every single person who has ever traveled to another country. With near limitless options for customization, a revolutionary combination of speech recognition and native speaker voice output that understands what you say, the iTRAVL Alpine does all the talking for you. With devices available in the world’s most popular languages and a built-in private language teacher, you are guaranteed to be speaking any language you choose before the plane even touches down. Now we’re even going to pay for your flight as well! With any purchase of the 13 language NTL-13AS or the Chinese NTL-2Ch, you will automatically be entered to win a full trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and enjoy the iTRAVL Alpine and environment simultaneously!”

Pre-loaded with tons of extras, these are no mere bells and whistles. Everything placed into the iTRAVL Alpine is a result of careful consideration and the highest design standards. Starting with the Fodor’s Travel Guide and CIA Factbook that give you exhaustive information on your destination - from restaurants to per-capita income - to the media player that lets you tour the sights with AudioTours or listen to your favorite AudioBooks, users will find everything they need to make travel the enjoyable experience it was always meant to be.

Available in hundreds of different language combinations from two language bilingual models all the way to 19 language multilinguals that will see you safely to the world’s most exotic destinations, the iTRAVL Alpine is the first choice for those stylish enough to know what they want - and who want the very best.

For more information about the all-new iTRAVL Alpine and a chance to win a trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games visit


NY-based ECTACO INC., known internationally for developing some of the most advanced handheld translation solutions in the world, emerged from the recent International Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas January 7-10 as the clear winner when it came to innovation, usability and sheer ‘wow’ factor.

Even before the fair started, Ectaco had been honored for its newest travel and language-learning device, the remarkable iTRAVL NTL-9C. Walking away with the coveted Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award award, Ectaco demonstrated once again how their proven combination of technical know-how, superior design and customer-centered approach trumped the competition when it came to being the ‘must-have’ item of the fair.

Containing just about everything the smart business or leisure traveler needs to make visiting foreign destination an easily navigated experience, the 2-way hands-free travel companion was attracting people in droves to see what all the fuss was about. Offering users a unique combination of human voice enabled talking translator and phrasebook that both understands what is said to it and speaks translations aloud.

Using real human voice output the device also acts as a personal language tutor and travel guide rolled into one with destination information provided by world-renowned Fodor’s and the CIA. With its more than 5,000,000 words and 70,000 phrases accessed via the most intuitive and robust multilingual interfaces the iTRAVL NTL-9C is in a class of its own providing a new piece of technology that is both stylish and practical.

Ectaco Inc. president and CEO David Lubinitsky was proud of all the attention the device was getting and said, “We knew we had a winner even when were still at the planning stages but to see the device being used as it was intended, and bringing smiles of wonder to people’s faces, is more enjoyable than we ever imagined. People from all walks of life and from different countries who would never have been able to communicate before now have a chance to get to know one another. We even had a couple use the iTRAVL to arrange a date and two businessmen used the iTRAVL to close a deal! Now that’s progress.”

iTRAVL NTL in CES 2008: Video report

Feb 1, 2008    Depend on LingvoSoft To Make Your Trip A Success

Now, with just a little help from LingvoSoft, you and your Pocket PC can go anywhere together and make new friends, do more business, and have more fun! With the release of the all-new LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook for the world’s most popular languages, the sky’s the limit. Once installed on your handheld, this remarkable communication utility will let you understand and be understood in almost any situation. How? By doing the talking for you! Featuring 14,000 of the phrases you need most when traveling abroad, LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook takes all the worry out of international travel instantly. That’s because with its robust combination of speech-activated navigation, powerful processing ability and authentic native speaker voice output of all entries you will never be left guessing again. Completely windows Mobile 6.0 ready, this application is so streamlined it will even work quickly and efficiently on older devices. Available to help you out in Everyday Conversation, when Traveling, Shopping, Sightseeing, and more, the phrases are divided into 15 easily navigated areas for maximum efficiency. And as part of the revolutionary LingvoSoft Suite it is the perfect compliment to the translating Dictionaries and FlashCards that have made LingvoSoft a household name around the world. So go ahead, take the plunge, and immerse yourself in another language today with LingvoSoft as you’re your most reliable travel companion.

Learn more about the new LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook for Pocket PC here:

LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Polish for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Portuguese for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Romanian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Russian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Serbian for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Slovak for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Spanish for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Swedish for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Tagalog for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Thai for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Turkish for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook English <-> Ukrainian for Pocket PC

Jan 18, 2008    Flash Forward To The New You

LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC are the only way to learn effectively, accurately and, most importantly, enjoyably! Making the task of learning a foreign language fun, FlashCards let you improve your vocabuary while you play. Featuring different lingusitic games and numerous options to make learning the pleasure it should be, this proven method is a real favorite with students, teachers and parents alike. More effective than studying lists of words in a standard vocabulary book, LingvoSoft FlashCards put the fun back in learning to bring the joy of understanding to everyone! So join the winning team today – with LingvoSoft as your partner success is the only option!

Learn more about LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC here:

LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Chinese Cantonese Simplified for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Chinese Cantonese Traditional for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Chinese Mandarin Simplified for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Chinese Mandarin Traditional for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Japanese Kana Romaji for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Japanese Kanji Kana for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Japanese Kanji Romaji for Pocket PC
LingvoSoft FlashCards English<->Japanese Romaji Kanji for Pocket PC

Jan 9, 2008    CES 2008
 Welcome to Ectaco booth at Central Hall, Booth No. 15749 Jan. 7-10, Las Vegas

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