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The one and only electronic voice translator specially designed to learn and communicate in Chinese!

The one and only electronic voice translator specially designed to learn and communicate in Chinese!

Jun 7, 2017

Planning on a trip to China? Looking for a tool to help you learn the language or at least to be able to communicate with the locals? Our NEW English <-> Chinese ECTACO Partner EC900 PRO is a perfect solution allowing learning Chinese quickly and effectively or simply translating anything you want.

If you don’t have much time learning the language you can use the most powerful Voice Translation system which lets you say any sentence in English in order to have it translated and pronounced into Chinese and vice versa. The latest version has a user-friendly bilingual interface which can be easily switched from English into Chinese and back so a Chinese person can also use the device successfully.

Want to hear a phrase spoken out in Chinese using a real human voice as recorded by native speakers? It only takes a moment to go to the PhraseBook section of the unit and you get an instant access to more than 14,000 commonly used phrases. All you need now is to choose between the 15 available topics choosing the phrase you need and you will hear the translation spoken out loud in a real human voice.

But what’s most important is that the new Partner EC900 PRO comes equipped with the interactive language learning system allowing studying Chinese and English easily. Forget about language courses and private tutors, from now on you can get a hold of a personal tutor in your pocket whenever you need it. The learning system combines our Language Teacher and U-Learn™ Car Tutor applications employing one of the most effective methods ever designed for language study based on visual and hearing perception of words, phrases and dialogues. With the help of our advanced True Voice and Speech Recognition modules and step-by-step lessons it will guide you comfortably from beginner to advanced speaker level. The Language Teacher system gradually builds up your vocabulary and pronunciation through lessons and quizzes you can take at your own pace. It even shows the percentage of how many lessons you have completed and how well you're doing. The inclusion of the unique U-Learn™ Car Tutor lets you study hands-free and eyes-free to make use of every spare moment to improve your language skills.

Click here to get more information on our new English <-> Chinese Ectaco Partner EC900 PRO model.

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