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Site news archive 2002

Dec 19, 2002    Full text translation program for 5 languages

Nov 26, 2002    New multilanguage handheld dictionaries

Nov 5, 2002    Ectaco, Inc. announces release of new hi-end translator models.

Oct 15, 2002    New handheld dictionaries for Portuguese and Albanian.

Sep 12, 2002    Brand-new English-Chinese electronic dictionary

Aug 26, 2002    New collection of linguistic software for Pocket PC

Aug 12, 2002    New English - Albanian dictionary for PalmOS

Jul 23, 2002    New dictionary for English, German and Russian

Jul 15, 2002    Language Support for Pocket PC 2002

Jun 14, 2002    Ectaco releases English–Japanese bidirectional dictionary software for Pocket PC

Jun 6, 2002    Bidirectional pocket speech translator available now!

May 24, 2002    Ectaco, Inc. Unveils New Dutch Dictionary Software for Pocket PC

May 7, 2002    New English-German-Polish handheld dictionary

Apr 17, 2002    Pocket PC now speaks Chinese

Apr 2, 2002    New Dictionary platform developed by Ectaco, Inc. is designed for corporate clients and regional distributors.

Mar 27, 2002    Ectaco, Inc. has unveiled a new series of dictionary models

Mar 19, 2002    Ectaco, Inc. Unveils New Chinese Software Dictionary for Pocket PC

Feb 27, 2002    New Accent Remover now available in 3 languages

Feb 6, 2002    New Russian language dictionaries for Palm OS

Feb 4, 2002    The English-Estonian online dictionary is now available!

Jan 30, 2002    Ectaco has developed the Law Enforcement Universal Translator™

Jan 18, 2002    Ectaco, Inc. Sums Up Its Participation at the International CES 2002 Expo

Jan 10, 2002    Multilingual Speech-To-Speech Translator UT-103 Updated

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