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Electronic Dictionaries

There are 6800 languages spoken in the 191 countries of the world. Fewer than 1,000 have writing systems , the others are only spoken. People need to connect with each other, need learn foreign languages, they need to read documents in various languages. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country, whenever you writing letters or trying to learn a bit of foreign language, you need translators and dictionaries. Earlier the hard and big books were only the panacea for us but nowadays we have a great ability to use handheld and on-line tools!

English electronic dictionaries - The most popular models of translators.
There are several popular models and the price range from $60 up to $400
Also very popular are the models that can understand such languages like:
Chinese electronic dictionary, French electronic dictionary, German electronic dictionary, and Japanese electronic dictionary

The full set of other languages is here:

Here is a set of models classified by type.

Professional electronic dictionaries - have the widest range of features. They can be used as substitutes for multi-volume book dictionaries, as personal teachers of foreign languages, or as your interpreter abroad. They is not just a dictionaries. It also has a text translating system, e-mail, a fax machine, a digital voice recorder, a databank, a grammar book.

Business and travel models - They include all features necessary for doing business with foreign partners, for interpreting, or for studying. All these dictionaries have an immense vocabulary, speech capabilities and a convenient organizer. These models are the greatest assistants in your business and trip.

Economy and affordable electronic dictionaries - They are simple and easy to use. This is a unique combination of unbeatable low price and the power of Ectaco linguistic technology.

Models for Kids
- These dictionaries are designed for kids aged 5-12 years. Their main purpose is to teach by playing.

Here is the links to on-line translators. If you need to translate your text or some web site from one language to other - this is the best way to find what you need.

Free online dictionaries - Free online dictionaries forms for your site. Choose any from the following designs and input your e-mail address, get the code for online electronic dictionary to you via e-mail immediately.

Here is a set of speech recognition devices:

Universal translator UT-103 - UT-103 - The Universal multilingual English-French-German-Spanish talking dictionary with speech recognition. The Universal Translator UT-103 has a unique speech recognition system - you say a phrase in English, the dictionary recognizes it, and translates it into any of three languages (French, German, Spanish) and this wonderful talking dictionary can even say the translation aloud! One of the most powerful sections in this talking dictionary - Housekeeper. The phrases are selected with special purpose of covering about 95% of the communication needs of the property owners or tenants dealing with foreign speaking housekeepers. Now, Universal Translator UT-103 recognizes speech, translates into Spanish, Russian or French, and pronounces over 200 phrases on each subject.

Speech recognition software - Ectaco, Inc speech recognition software products.

Several products for your Pocket PC:

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