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Welcome to Our Testimonials and Reviews Page!

Here, read about ECTACO handhelds and LingvoSoft software as seen by customers, users and independent third-party reviewers. It is our mission to promote and facilitate understanding throughout the world, and we strive to be transparent in how our products resonate with the global community of people learning languages, going new places, and building international businesses.

We take pride in each individual linguistic accomplishment of our customers. And we learn from each remark shared by ECTACO and LingvoSoft users, continually perfecting the functionality and usability of our products.

Read on to get familiar with the prestigious awards our handhelds and software have received, and please, come back to tell your stories of success and share impressions: after all, being able to communicate feelings and ideas is what it's all about.


ECTACO Partner 900 PRO Galaxy Multi 31 language Voice translator and Language Teacher
Works great!
We ordered this for our trip to Rome. It seemed to be the only option that provides offline use. It was operational in seconds without ever going online. The moment you turn it on and set your language it works. I'm glad I bought it. The program could use some tweaks when it comes to typing in a quick phrase. But overall it is useful and easy to use. It is essentially a tablet with their language programs and dictionaries installed.

ECTACO Partner ES900 PRO English <-> Spanish Voice translator and Language Teacher
I bought this item as a gift for my wife. I was surprised in just a few weeks my wife is speaking English and understand it as well. She also use it as a two way translator when speaking with some of her friends and she learns at the same time. Great product to have if you need to learn and communicate. My wife loves it.
Rose Cabrera

ECTACO Partner ES900 PRO English <-> Spanish Voice translator and Language Teacher
Excellent Purchase!
This device is everything it claims and more. Well worth the money.
This is a great device I love it.
Michael Spiceron

ECTACO Partner LUX 3 English <-> Spanish Free Speech Electronic Translator
The best I was able to find, although a bit expensive, this product has all the bells and whistles necessary for everyday use as a translator. I live in Spain and use this product on a daily basis.
K. Whibley

ECTACO 500AL Multilingual Translator
This does take about 5-7 minutes to load another language, but it has been a very helpful classroom resource in my English as a Second Language class. I can let a student use it to translate Tagalog for part of the class and let another student use it to translate in Spanish for the next part. Multiple languages are already pre-loaded.
I like giving this to students instead of Google Translate, so they can use their own language skills and just look up one word or phrase at a time.
Frances M. Woolnoughon, March 23, 2015

C-Pen 3.0
The device works perfectly!! It helps me a lot through my studies! I would recommend it to all students who take lots of notes!

ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX
I got it a few days ago. This smartphone is impressive. I added a personal phone number for Skype and now its like having three cell phones in one. This thing should win product of the year easily just like magic jack did a few years ago.
Its a must if you like visiting other countries or just simply if you want to dump your cell phone bill.
Jony Chica

ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Russian Free Speech Electronic Translator
The LUX Russian English Partner is wonderful, really an impressive machine, and so amazingly accurate on "hearing" what we say. Thanks for recommending it. Tanya's English is at the point where no book can really help, and this Partner is perfect.
Ken Carlson

My new jetbook arrived really really quickly and it is brilliant!
Thank you.
I am really pleased with it.

Learn Russian - Language Teacher for English Speakers for Android
Ectaco Talking Dictionary English <-> Russian for Android
Dear All
Ref. above order
No Problems
Straightforward ordering, downloading, installing and registering.
lnitial reaction to the software is that is a great bit of kit - seems it will make my life a little easier and a lot more fun!!
Will be pleased to recomend to friends and colleagues
Chris Coates

ECTACO Partner EP900 English <-> Polish
Hi Leslie, I just received a new Dictionary. In the beginning, my wife thought the Dictionary is too expensive for us. Then she realized, it's worth all the money. We both speak English and we live in Canada for over twenty years, still, there is a lot to learn. Thank you very much for your help.
Jan Ledochowski

I received your order and I am very pleased with your service. I am looking forward to buy more products in the future since many friends of mine are interested in Albania for your products.
Ectaco Suite English <-> Vietnamese for Android
I am extremely pleased with this software - Ectaco has a very well thought-out approach to language learning and phrase books and I would recommend you without hesitation.
Ron Giles
ECTACO jetBook Lite
Very impressed with the clarity of the screen & the neat design. Thank you Ectaco.
Michael Gin
Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary
Hello Leslie,
I just received my dictionary; a Fedex guy came 5 minutes ago. I am very pleased with the delivery process. I just want to tell you that I got an excellent service from you! Fast, efficient and solution-oriented!
Thank you so much!
Dear Leslie,
Just wanted to tell you how much my husband enjoys his "Partner" translater. We have had it for a few years now and he uses it almost daily. Again, thanks for a great product.
Juanita Krieger
ECTACO Partner ES900 Grand - English <-> Spanish
I wish to acknowledge reception of PARTNER electronic dictionary Model P900. Thank you so much for the quick delivery of the package. I have tested the dictionary and found out that it's working beautifully. This is the first time I bought things online and it's has been a very satisfactory experience. Kindest regards.
Dear Mrs. Amy, I don't know if I have the right to, but I really want to thank you about my order. I'm satisfied with the content of my product. Have a great day,
Gaetan Junior Keya
ECTACO jetBook-Lite
I love this ereader! Especially the user controlled AA battery system and the many ebook formats it has. But, it was the battery system that got me to purchase this ereader!!!
Anthony Sousa
ECTACO jetBook-Lite
It is easy to use, hold, and read. Thanks. Even without the SD card, it holds a lot of books. I love using it.
Nancy Picklo
ECTACO jetBook-Lite
I read my first book on my new JB-L - an Adobe PDF ebook I borrowed from the library. I have to tell you I am tickled pink with this ereader. I love its small size, light weight, landscape mode, all the formats it supports (handles PDF beautifully), the fact that it does NOT have a backlight, the fact that it takes regular batteries. . . and on and on and on. I''m thrilled with my purchase! =)
Nashelle Swartzentruber
ECTACO jetBook-Lite
Love this reader. My parents bought this as a gift for me. Even in low light, I can read the fonts and my eyes aren''t strained. Even though it doesn''t read audiobooks, I''m quite satisfied with it.
Sheila Noack
ECTACO jetBook mini

Well, I've been using my JetBook Mini now for about 2 months. And I've grown to love it even more that I did at first. I find that I can carry it around in my coat pocket just fine. I can pull it out and read wherever I am?which is normally at the grocery store waiting for my wife to do her thing. I love it.

I had to replace the batteries in the thing last week. After using it an average of 3 hours a day for the last month or so, the original AAA batteries gave up the ghost. I have grown to love the auto-shutoff feature that turns it off whenever I sit it down. I never have to remember to do it manually. This time I stuck in some rechargeable AAA cells, so when it dies this time, I'll simply recharge them.

My wife got a Nook for Christmas. It is a beautiful device. She uses it while sitting in her recliner. It certainly has some features I wish I had on my Jetbook Mini. Probably if there were a few things I do wish I had it would be the ability to display graphics. There are a few eBooks that I own that have embedded graphics in them. I wish the Mini could handle them, even if they were in monochrome, that would be fine with me. Also I find I am truly missing the "search by keyboard" function that is found on most all other eBook readers and always on all pocketpcs/handheld pc devices.

The conversion process isn't perfect either. Some of the characters when converting to .txt format do not come out as they should. This normally has to do with the original eBook using italics, or parenthesis, or some unusual print structure. Still, it has never impeded my reading the story to the end?and it is the exception rather than the rule.

So after 2 months do I still think the Jetbook Mini beats every other handheld pc or pocketpcs device for use as an eBook reader? The answer is YES, it certainly does. And I'll go one step further. I've seen people squinting and going blind reading things on the cell phones, using them as eBook readers. No thank you?I'll keep the mini! Read more...

Rich Hawley
ECTACO Partner EST900 English <-> Spanish
You have taken such good care of this order and assisting me in making the right purchase. It is quite surprising to me, the level of customer service I have received :) I will be telling my friends here that ECTACO is THE translator to buy... you can bet that when I pull mine out and use it they will all be asking where I bought it!! My situation is a bit unusual... I am retiring to Boquete` Panama and there are 1,000 other expats doing the same thing as I here, so they too have a need for clear communications in their new homes :)
You have been a great help to me! Thank you and I hope your day is fantastic :)
Georgia Panter
ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-2R English <-> Russian
Hay thanks for your help I do want you to know this its been great customer service the best I have ever gotten from any company.
Phillip T. Walcutt
ECTACO Partner 13MT900
Please tell your co-workers how pleased I was with the handling of my order incl. the fine support I got from your sales manager! I am really excited about the new "partner" which replaced my old partner from 2005! What a fine instrument to use!
Thank you all
Marianne Plattner
iTRAVL Corrida NTL-2Ch Deluxe
Thank you for this information and for all your previous support.
Working my self for Marriott International, from beginning I understood your issue regrading the payment, credit card and identity security, me my self deal with the same procedures every day.

I am really happy that from all the companies I choose Ectaco to buy such a crucial product for my current and future business. You real have shown great support and understanding regarding my situation. You definitely kept your promise and provided great service, which I have expected from your company. I am now sure as well that the product I will receive will be of the same quality and that from all the similar products on the market I choose the best one by far.

Thank you one more time and I will let you know soon I get my parcel.

Mislav Mikasek
ECTACO Partner EW900
I have received today my device, great so fast shipment!
It's a wonderful tool. With this tool, I feel better for our trip to the USA in September!
Thank you for your help, or "merci beaucoup".
Guy Doenlen
ECTACO jetBook
I ordered a jetbook and received it within the same week (I'm living in Spain so it's a very good performance). During the last five months I've been using this device every day and I'm really happy with my purchase. I hope You'll go on with the developing of that kind of readers.
ECTACO jetBook
i just want to tell you how much i love this product, i got this for xmas gift. after carefully compareing all the ereader on the market, at the time or near future this IS the best product hands down, I love the abillity to listen to mp-3 files as well as jpeg files thx
David g.
ECTACO jetBook-Lite
Y'all are unbelievable! I was hoping to score a case for my jetBook LITE and to get one for my son, dad, and friend as well is really awesome!
Not only will I keep reading, but I'll continue to recommend your product to everyone I can as well. In addition to the jetBook LITE being the best ebook reader out there, the Ectaco team are great people too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for the four cases and the opportunity to win them with the contest.
ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-2S English <-> Spanish
I have had confirmation from Paypal that you have refunded my money. Today my translator was delivered.
I would just like to say the customer service that I received from You and your company has been fantastic!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again & I would definitely (& already have) recommend your company & its products.
Jackie Evans
jetBook JB-5
If you have parents that read, I'd highly recommend it.
My Dad has been struggling with Macular Degeneration, so he reads landscape style on the largest font size. His small local library only has about 50 large print books. So he's really enjoying being able to read again.
MobileRead Forum User

Ectaco jetBook and jetBook Lite
When I became interested in buying an ebook reader, the first thing I discovered was that there are a mountain of choices out there, and which one was best for me was not immediately clear. Ectaco jetBook, Kindle, SONY and most recently the Apple iPad, among others, all offer excellent digital readers with varying feature sets, costing from around $150 to over $1000. With that kind of price range, there just had to be some significant differences between them. I finally settled on the jetBook, and here?s why; what I wanted to do, primarily, was read books. And, if possible, listen to my digital music library while doing so.

David B. Parker Read full text...

Ectaco's SpeechGuard MD-5 and PD-5
I am writing you to express our great happiness with the translation products made by Ectaco. To put it quite simply, they are magnificent! Your MD-5 health/fire product is so easy to operate and so incredibly clear to understand that it shaves tremendous time off of emergency runs involving Spanish speaking individuals in need of care. Besides letting EMS easily walk through their evaluation procedures, the fire related translations can save lives by letting fire crews be able to communicate well enough to aid in their locating people inside.

William Konop, MA Read full text...

Ectaco jetBook Universal Portable Reading Device Review
Great size, very portable; extremely easy to operate; large screen with lots of viewing options; multiple language support; pre-loaded with a diverse virtual library of classics and information; easy to download even more reading material from several free eBook sites.

Judie Lipsett

Ectaco Jetbook
I just bought a Jetbook and I'm very happy with it. The screen is a bit small but it's great to read PDFs, especially with the zoom function. I love my jetBook. - no eye strain at all. And I have already used the landscape feature twice. (who would have guessed). Thanks for making such a great eReader.

ECTACO Partner ER850
I purchased the ER850 for my trip to Ukraine, and wanted to let you know how happy I was with this product. It worked so good I did not need to hire a translator during my visit I was able to communicate with my lady friend very easily, it?s very user friendly what a great product.
Leon Schrenk

Ectaco Jetbook
In 5 minutes I was more impressed with the jetBook than the sony ebook reader. I could not take Sony's "flash" on page turns. The buttons were hard to press and too tiny. E-publishing is the new frontier! Get the jetBook into as many electronics stores as you can. It beats Sony hands-down.

I've just received a parcel containing both devices ordered only a week ago! I'm very happy it could have been done so fast and I want to thank you warmly for your professionalism. All is working correctly and I'm satisfied with your products. Looking forward to placing some new order by the Ectaco company, thank you again!
Ectaco Jetbook
Earlier this month my husband and I went on our first cruise. In my effort to pack lightly I only took one tech gadget with me and of course that was an e-book reader. I wanted something small, light, but with enough screen space. I decided to take me latest acquisition the Jetbook. Read more...
The ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe is the world's most sophisticated and elegant multilingual travel, translation, and language learning handheld ever made. A unique combination of the most advanced solutions for international communication ever invented, iTRAVL is designed to help you succeed anywhere you go. Whether you are at the airport, dealing with foreign partners, or visiting a doctor or restaurant, iTRAVL lets you get more from every trip you take by providing the tools you need for perfect understanding and effective communication. Read more...
ECTACO Partner ER800
Thank you so much! I've got it this is always a pleasure to deal with a such reliable company as ECTACO. Have a great day!
ECTACO Partner ER850
Hello again! Just would like to let you know that the product has already delieved here on Thursday! How quick! im VERY surprised and excited !!! i started to use this brilliant dictionary (actually, MUCH more brilliant than i expected!) still, i didn't use all functions as there're so many! Well, so i'd really like to thank you for kind and quick service etc! If something will happen in future, i will ask you, is it ok?
Thank you again and have a good day, Yuki Sato

ECTACO Partner EP850
I must say I am pleased that I purchased the P850, it is a great little machine, it has all criteria, it looks good, feels good , easy to use, and comfortable to eye, above all quality and useful software.

Abbas Rashid

ECTACO Partner EW800: As discussed on the NY Times Tech Talk radio show

iTRAVL NTL in CES 2008: Video report
The Consumer Electronics and Technology Show

Electronic translators
If you're travelling further afield, the Franklin and Ectaco iTravl can translate Chinese and Russian, among others. For round-the-world travel or if you ...
See all stories on this topic
Times Online - UK

ECTACO iTRAVL Alpine-2R English <-> Russian Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary
No question, just a comment. This item is absolutely invaluable. I just returned from ten days in Russia and am sure I would not have had the great time I did without this translator. Thanks so much.

Dave, KS, United States

ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader
We have received JetBook today and just finished downloading Andresen's fairytales from the site you gave us. Seem we set with the reading for the kids till graduation:)

Alex, NYC
ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader
Hello, guys! Thanks for your JetBook. I bought it 2 weeks ago and constantly reading on my daily ride from NJ to Manhattan and while waiting kids from their tennis class. I probably read more books with JetBook in these 2 weeks than in the past 2 years. Thanks to Ann Smith for teaching me where to get free content. Good lack with your new projects.
PS: I tried morning downloads from news sites. Works perfect.
Felix Katz, Marlboro, NJ
ECTACO Partner ER800
Just a quick note to let you know how helpful the ER 800 was on my recent trip. I travelled to the Ukraine twice and all over Russia. Even though I'm a very experienced traveler I have no idea what I would have done without it, especially in Siberia. Thanks again for all your efforts to provide me with a working model in a very short time.
I've recommended that my company purchase units for all employees going to foreign countries. Hopefully you'll be hearing from Twin Disc, Inc.
Best Regards, Ed Wilson

Gear: Ectaco iTRAVL NTL-9C
Golf travelers planning a trip somewhere more exotic than the British Isles - say Spain or China - might want to consider packing the NTL-9C. It's effectively a personal, go-everywhere translator - minus the per diem and tips. The base NTL-9C communicates in nine languages - it can be upgraded to 50 languages - and can translate 14,000 phrases. Read more...

Translation needed? Try the Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6
Whether one can imagine a situation in which it might be worth $600 depends on your love of gadgetry. The new Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6 is a "talking dictionary" - a thin hand-held computer with a speaker that can translate eight languages. Its most fun feature is the wand--you run it over any text and see the words repeated on the screen. Press "OK." ?Bien! The translation appears on-screen or via a robotic voice.

Los Angeles Times

Tell me what you want for christmas
You'll be lost in translation no longer with ECTACO's iTRAVL NTL-13AS Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary. This hand-held device translates from English to 13 languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Hindi and back. Read more...

Real-Life Babelfish Translates Instantly Between English and 9 Other Languages
Many readers of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who have traveled to foreign lands have probably wished they had a babelfish installed in their ears for translating speech into and out of their native tongue instantaneously. Ectaco's Windows CE-powered iTravl NTL-9C is the closest thing to that fictional device I've heard about so far. Read more...

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator
It's a shame but a fact that most Americans only speak one language. However, Ectaco can help you get your point across in any of nine languages. The company just announced the release of their new two-way linguistic communication system called iTRAVL NTL-9C, a hands-free/eyes-free speech recognition device with a travel guide for 50 major destinations on five continents. Read more...

ECTACO iTRAVL Multilingual Language Communicator
While some people would say that the iTravl is what I use to write my posts*, I don't really know how well it translates between English and the eight languages it supports using its look-Ma-no-hands speech recognition system. Jump for more details and see my nipples explode with delight! Read more...

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator
The Ectaco iTravl Language Communicator is a two-way, nine-language communication system. It lets you say any of 63,000 phrases into it, translating them aloud into the language of your choice. Read more...

ECTACO iTRAVL Multilingual Language Communicator

Ectaco's Partner Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook
The big brother of electronic translators is Ectaco's Partner (Model E15C800) Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook. It speaks 15 languages, including Estonian and Latvian. Adapter cards help you add others, such as Tagalog or Vietnamese. It weighs 11 ounces, comes with a carrying case and is about the size of a slim paperback novel. Contains a world clock, calculator, currency converter and alarms.

Los Angeles Times.

The Latest Luxury Travel Gadgets from CES
Ectaco's robust traveler device and Comply's super-silencing earphones are just two of the exceptionally nifty travel gadgets we found at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Forbes Traveler.

ECTACO Partner ER800
The product i ordered was everything i wanted in a dictionary for my trip to the Ukraine this fall. it is easy to see the screen and to use all areas of the Partner ER800 dictionary. it is fast and easy to translate from russian to english and quick to change from english to russian also. the text to text translator along with the text to speech feature works very nice for my needs and is fast enough to keep the conversation from becoming stagnant on a date. i also like the other features it has too. i have tried other E-translators and have had some troubles that sometimes can be embarrassing. this one will make me feel i can speak the language with a lady that speaks only russian, and give us the chance to be alone and still have communication without a human translator with us.


ECTACO Partner EC800
Just can't believe it my replacement EC800 arrived abut 1100 hrs this morning, that's less than 24 hrs. Wow!!!
I just now opened, inserted battery, touched the on button, touched the menu screen, touched the clock icon and there in all its glory is the world. It is now mine to explore with this great looking device as my personal translator.

Gene Wright

ECTACO Partner ER800
The ER800 is a wonderful tool. If you know little or no Russian, the PhraseBook is a great help in communicating basic information....The talking dictionary is very large too. It covers most any word you need. The talking feature means you can correctly pronounce a word, even if you can not read Russian text. Enjoy using the ER800 to enrich your communications with your beloved!

Dale Dickerson, Columbus, Ohio
ECTACO Partner EW800
Once it hears a phrase it understands, the EW800 translates it and then reads the translation out loud in the chosen language.
New York Times

ECTACO SpeechGuard English <-> Finnish TL-2Fn Ultimate Travel Phrasebook and Dictionary
While most Finns in the big towns speak English, I found the phrasebook really helpful when travelling to some of the smaller ski resorts?and the dictionary was great for figuring out signs. Probably the most impressive was how easy it was to use?and all the extra features were handy too.

Robert Berkeley, Leeds

ECTACO Partner ER800
Many thanks for the fine products made by your company! Every new release lifts your product to higher and higher technical and aesthetic levels. My new partner ER800 seems so "alive" that it is almost possible to hold a conversation with it! It is certainly more than simply a high-tech gadget. First of all, it is my friend - a friend that is always present and available, so unlike the experience of our everyday lives. I have never studied English before and you have helped me to solve this problem in as short a time as possible. Many thanks to you, my real friends - so needed and appreciated!

Vladimir Egorov, Birmingham, USA

ECTACO PD Talk Dictionary
I was looking around for a new phone that had Chinese features when I came across this Smartphone. Not only did it have everything I wanted but also a whole lot more and it wasn't any more expensive than the regular phone I was considering but with a lot more features. A rare find!

William Alves, Grand Rapids

ECTACO Audio PhraseBook B-3 English <-> Ukrainian PB-Ua B-3
Wow! I was a bit afraid that I wouldn't be able to manage all the stuff this translator came with but it made my trip [to Germany] super simple and lots of fun too! I just bought the Spanish-Russian phrasebook Memory card for my next trip and can't wait to put it in! Thanks for making my trip so great!

Natalie Ortas, Madrid

ECTACO Partner X8
I am Tatyana Levina and purchased a Partner X8 about one year ago. I called your office in Chicago and spoke with Sergey Ulyenko. I am sorry but I probably miss-spelled his name. At any rate he was very pleasant, kind, helpful and patient with this elderly person. He made me feel very well taking care off and was very polite. He also helped fixed my Partner X8 especially when we had to speak Russian. So often we get mail of a derogatory nature that I wanted to send you a letter of appreciation.

Tatyana Levina. Minneapolis

ECTACO SpeechGuard
The SpeechGuard, developed by ECTACO Inc. of Long Island City, N.Y., is a handheld electronic translator. Each of the machines can handle more than 20 languages. In Iraq and Afghanistan, such devices are translating U.S. soldiers? words into Arabic, Dari and Pashto. A soldier simply speaks into the unit, and it repeats what it has heard in the language of choice.

National Defence, October 2006

ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2m5
Hi, Just purchased a TL-2M5 from your factory website online. Thank you for an absolutely amazing product!!! Alarm works great - loud enough to knock you out of bed and I love the snooze options... The large font option is a must... Fantastic product!

Ted Faldasz

ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2I English <-> Italian
A truly wonderful and speedy device, a great English/Italian dictionary! I recommend it.

Marsha S. NYC

ECTACO Partner EW800
AT A RESTAURANT The Ectaco's phrase book and dictionary for Food/Drinks are extensive?and easy to navigate, once you get the hang of the touch screen?but its speech-recognition function could get you into some trouble at the local pub: when we told the microphone in English, "I think I'm a little drunk," the German for "I'll have a gin and tonic" popped up. The Ectaco did pass our arugula test. AT A SHOP With tons of useful phrases pertaining to everything from shoes and souvenirs to electronics and jewelry, the Ectaco scored high in this category. At the toy store, you can even ask: "Do you have any dolls that walk and talk?" AT A HOTEL We loved the Complaints subcategory (one of seven)?with entries ranging from "It smells bad in my room" to "The sink is clogged," you'll know exactly how to whine when the situation demands it. Service requests are also extensive, including "Is there a socket in my room for my electric shaver?" and "Would you please be careful with these blouses?" IN AN EMERGENCY It's hard to imagine having the composure or ability to navigate with the Ectaco's touch-pen setup in a real emergency, but those with chronic medical conditions can plan ahead using the many phrases grouped under Health/Drugstore. OVERALL More than a quick translating fix, this device is built for language learning. The downside of toting such a sophisticated mini-computer-like device is the learning curve. Read full review here

Travel + Leisure

ECTACO Partner ER-X8
I just got back from a month long trip to Russia and took along the Ectaco X-8 translator. I speak a little bit of Russian but this device helped me get through the train station by myself and have in depth conversations with my fiancee and her family. It enabled me to have very personal conversations one on one. I made many new friends because of it. It is helping me learn Russian. I type in whole paragraphs and it converts it instantly. You just have to avoid slang. I highly recommend it, even though it is pricey at $400. Well worth it in my mind.

ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2ESpFr Spanish <-> English <-> French
The dictionary sounded cool from the web description, but when I got it, I didn't think it was worth the money. I recommend it, but only if you can get it on sale!

A Spanish-speaking American, trying to learn French

ECTACO English <-> Spanish Partner ES-X5
It is an easy, quick, English-Spanish dictionary with several useful tools and features.

Sasha P., an attorney, Washington DC

Language Tutor - ECTACO English <-> Russian Partner ER-X8
I thank you, ECTACO, learning English has gotten easier. I am no longer afraid of going out, to the streets. Your translator has given me confidence.

Kerry Chin

Language Tutor - ECTACO English <-> Polish Partner EP-X8
This device definitely targets those studying English. It will do little help for those learning Polish.

Amanda Smith

ECTACO English <-> Serbian Language Teacher ESC600T
Maybe the only game in town for handheld English-Serbian dictionaries that pronounce English words!


ECTACO English <-> Croatian Language Teacher - ESC600T
It would have been cool, if the ESC600T dictionary had a keyboard for the Serbian (Cyrillic) alphabet, on top of the Roman alphabet for Croatian. Yes, there is some accommodation for special characters, but it would save users time to have both keyboards onboard.


ECTACO French <-> English <-> Russian Language Teacher - EFR630T
Aside from verbs, the EFR630T has a fairly complete vocabulary.

Craig Newby, Texas

ECTACO French <-> English <-> Polish Language Teacher - EFP630T
I bought the EFP630T device as a gift for my French colleague. The device has a grammar section in French. There is also a section to help one prepare for the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" - questionably beneficial, but fun. It is obvious that this dictionary was designed to help francophones learn English. A great business gift idea :)

Anna Collins Arizona, USA

ECTACO English <-> Spanish Language Teacher - ES600T
Overall I found this very useful; the voice feature, while mechanical sounding, shows where to put stress on syllables and demonstrates the sounds produced from combining different vowels. Thanks to that I am speaking and understanding Spanish better. Also it has a huge dictionary, so the majority of the words that I look up are available. Also it has a slang option you can turn on or off if this is for your kids.

Sarah Nelson

ECTACO English <-> German Language Teacher - EGm600T
I actually went to Germany and this little translator did the trick! It was great to be able to communicate with so many people with just the press of a button! It has so many features, including the actual sound of the words. If you're a traveler or even a student of German, this is something you HAVE to have!!!

Meg Patterson, Minnesota

ECTACO English <-> French Partner EF400T
I am in a French class in college and it was a struggle for me to keep up in class. I got this translator to help. It is small, fits on my books in class without blocking anything, and is one of the single most helpful dictionaries I have ever found. It "thinks ahead" when I am typing and presents complete words so it saves time.


ECTACO English <-> Spanish Partner ES-X5
Frankly speaking, it's simply an easy, quick, English-Spanish dictionary with several useful tools and features. I'm an attorney, and this ECTACO machine helps me be the well-rounded professional that I am.

Jerry Chong

ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2S English <-> Spanish
I highly recommend the device to those going abroad. I did a semester of school in Spain, and the SpeechGuard really helped me get through the adjustment period there.

Amy Chapel, VA, USA.

Partner ER800 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook
I met my wife over the internet. Writing emails back and forth was easy enough, but when it came to the first visit to Russia, I brought along my ER800, and it helped to make our relationship happen, Thanx! :)


Cut-price ECTACO English Portuguese Partner EPg400TX
ECTACO English Bulgarian EB400T Electronic Translator. ECTACO iTRAVL English Arabic NTL-2A Translator EA800+. ECTACO iTRAVL English Arabic NTL-2A Translator EA800+. ECTACO English Russian Spanish E15J800 PLUS Translator ...
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By celineumdfo

iTravl Translator and Travel Assistant Device Comparisons
Comparison of iTravl to other translator devices, especially the Ectaco 800 series.


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