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    ECTACO Partner ER800 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

    ECTACO Partner ER800 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

    ECTACO Partner ER800 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

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    Price: $22995

    Category: Talking bilingual dictionary expandable to include over 50 language combinations
    Language pair: English <-> Russian; Russian <-> English; English <-> English
    Speech: English and Russian for the Dictionary; English and Russian for the PhraseBook
    Number of words: over 1,030,000
    Size: 6.6 x 3.9 x 0.9 in
    Weight: 11 oz
    Battery Type: Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1400mAh), included

    Click here to see a demonstration of the ER800

    Click here to watch the ER900 Deluxe video

    Speech Recognition Enabled!

    The ECTACO Partner ER800 is a revolutionary, expandable bilingual Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook. With its cool modern styling, hi-resolution color touch-display and state-of-the-art linguistic tools it is one of a kind. The massive vocabulary contains general and highly specialized professional dictionaries. The inclusion of the most sophisticated and accurate voice facilities available on today's competitive market is the defining feature of this remarkable handheld. It features both state-of-the-art speech recognition and highly advanced English and Russian voice capabilities powered by the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology. It even goes so far as to include crystal-clear native-speaker voices for both languages in the Audio Travel PhraseBook section as recorded by professionals.

    This intelligent linguistic device is literally packed with information and tools to help you master your foreign language skills for either academic endeavors or travel. It employs the latest language learning technologies that use foreign language Speech Recognition modules, a bilingual Machine Translation system and Text-to-Speech processing.


    • Color display: the luxury of a hi-res color screen with adjustable color schemes, customizable elements, color-coded parts of speech, samples of use and much more
    • Expandable vocabulary: over 1,030,000 words already included in the general and specialized dictionaries - the largest vocabulary base ever! Plus you can easily add more than 50 language combinations available as ECTACO MMC Cards!
    • Advanced English and Russian speech synthesis delivers the pronunciation of any text, not only dictionary entries
    • Coherent full-text translation into English and Russian, instant reverse translation
    • Superb English and Russian speech recognition. Test your pronunciation by trying to speak out a phrase in the foreign language and see if the Partner understands you. If it does - then everyone else would understand your speech too!
    • State-of-the-art Machine Translation system with unlimited pronunciation of translated text in both languages. Type any text you want and it will translate and speak the translation out loud using its built-in Text-To-Speech processor.
    • Designed with the real traveler in mind, the Audio PhraseBook is at your disposal on pleasure or business trips. It delivers real human voice output in English and Russian for over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases. It also provides the different responses you might receive in the "You May Hear" section


    • WordNet Princeton edition English-English dictionary of modern English - over 70,000 head words and detailed explanations
    • Over 1,030,000 words in English-Russian general and specialized dictionaries: Business, Financial, Law, Medical, Oil, Telecommunication and Computers. They all feature synthesized voice in both English and Russian as well as comprehensive examples for use in the real-life situations
    • Advanced word recognition and MorphoFinder™
    • Custom function "Add new word" allowing to create your own vocabulary bases and add them to the existing ones
    • Slang lock: function allowing you to include or lock out slang from your dictionaries
    • Look-up function helps you easily navigate through huge vocabulary bases at your disposal
    • Interchangeable MMC/SD cards allow you to add a variety of languages and endless linguistic content from ECTACO, Inc.


    • SAT 200 and SAT 5000 vocabularies, helping you to prepare for these tough, English-language standard proficiency tests
    • Linguistic games: Flash Cards, Pockets, Spell It, Translation Test: these help you learn at your own pace, expand your vocabulary and improve spelling
    • WordNet Princeton edition English-English dictionary of modern English - over 70,000 head words and details explanations
    • Over 1,030,000 words in English-Russian general and specialized dictionaries, featuring synthesized voice in both English and Russian
    • Phonetic transcription, essential tool for those learning to speak and write properly
    • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker


    • English <-> Russian Audio PhraseBook with natural human-recorded speech will help you in a variety of standard everyday situations and activities
    • FlashCards: the classic game that helps you improve your vocabulary while you play!

    And more…

    • Bilingual interface
    • Media Player - to aid you in study and at play. Thousands of Audio Books are available to be programmed into this player.
    • Currency and metric conversions
    • World Time
    • Daily Alarm
    • Calculator
    • And More…

    This device is powered by AC/DC adapter and rechargeable battery (all included in the standard package)

    ER800 is an updated version of the ER-X8. ER800 has the following additional functions: Russian as well as English voice feature for the whole vocabulary base, color display and player.

    ECTACO Partner ER800 is an English <-> Russian translating device from the P800 series.

    Click here to learn more about this device's enhanced functionality.

    PLEASE NOTE: A New version has been released. Have a look at the ECTACO Partner ER900 - English <-> Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook

    This model is normally operated in a silent mode and you will need to press the "Speaker" button or to choose the corresponding option from the menu in order to hear the translation spoken out loud.

    Click here to learn about devices featuring multiple languages

    Order now


    Detailed informationAdvanced search
    Detailed informationInstant Reverse translation
    Detailed informationSpeech recognition English, Russian
    Detailed informationSpell-checker
    Detailed informationIrregular verbs
    Detailed informationNew word recording
    Detailed informationFull sentence translation

    Detailed informationDisplay Color touch screen (320 x 240 pixels)
    Detailed informationScreen backlight
    Detailed informationHeadphones jack
    Detailed informationAC adapter connection
    Detailed informationBattery Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
    Detailed informationDimensions (WxHxD) 6.6 x 3.9 x 0.9 in
    Detailed informationWeight 11 oz

    Detailed informationWorld time
    Detailed informationLocal time
    Detailed informationDaily alarm
    Detailed informationVocabulary 1,030,000
    Detailed informationVoice English, Russian
    Detailed informationIdioms yes
    Detailed informationCommonly used phrases over 14,000

    Value pack
    Detailed informationSlim case No

    Detailed informationMath calculator
    Detailed informationCurrency conversion
    Detailed informationMetric conversion

    Other features

    This product comes with a limited 90 day warranty.

    Support materials:


    Our customers are our best referrals! We take pride in helping people understand one another all over the world! Read on and find out how others have overcome language barriers using outstanding Ectaco products, or send us your comments!

    Just a quick note to let you know how helpful the ER 800 was on my recent trip. I travelled to the Ukraine twice and all over Russia. Even though I'm a very experienced traveler I have no idea what I would have done without it,especially in Siberia.
    Thanks again for all your efforts to provide me with a working model in a very short time.
    I've recommended that my company purchase units for all employees going to foreign countries. Hopefully you'll be hearing from Twin Disc, Inc.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Wilson

    Vladimir Dautfest

    the product i ordered was everything i wanted in a dictionary for my trip to the Ukraine this fall. it is easy to see the screen and to use all areas of the Partner ER800 dictionary. it is fast and easy to translate from russian to english and quick to change from english to russian also. the text to text translator along with the text to speech feature works very nice for my needs and is fast enough to keep the conversation from becoming stagnant on a date.. i also like the other features it has too. i have tried other E-translators and have had some troubles that sometimes can be embarrassing. this one will make me feel i can speak the language with a lady that speaks only russian, and give us the chance to be alone and still have communication without a human translator with us..
    Vladimir Dautfest
    Dear Friends! Many thanks for the fine products made by your company! Every new release lifts your product to higher and higher technical and aesthetic levels. My new partner ER800 seems so 'alive' that it is almost possible to hold a conversation with it! It is certainly more than simply a high-tech gadget. First of all, it is my friend - a friend that is always present and available, so unlike the experience of our everyday lives. I have never studied English before and you have helped me to solve this problem in as short a time as possible. Many thanks to you, my real friends - so needed and appreciated! Yours truly, Vladimir Egorov (Birmingham, USA)
    Vladimir Dautfest
    The ER800 is a wonderful tool. If you know little or no Russian, the PhraseBook is a great help in communicating basic information....The talking dictionary is very large too. It covers most any word you need. The talking feature means you can correctly pronounce a word, even if you can not read Russian text. Enjoy using the ER800 to enrich your communications with your beloved!
        ---Dale Dickerson, Columbus, Ohio

    Vladimir Dautfest
    I met my wife over the internet. Writing emails back and forth was easy enough, but when it came to the first visit to Russia, I brought along my ER800, and it helped to make our relationship happen, Thanx! :)
    Vladimir Dautfest

    Thank you so much! I've got it this is always a pleasure to deal with a such reliable company as ECTACO. Have a great day!
    Vladimir Dautfest

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