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Job Opportunities

Marketing Manager - United Kingdom

Ectaco, Inc. (, manufacturer and distributor of hand-held electronic translators and translating software for consumer and government markets, is currently seeking Marketing Manager for its UK office.

The successful candidate will be responsible for marketing and sales growth of hand-held electronic translators in United Kingdom and will be able to build a team of professionals to fulfill the task. This position reports directly to the CEO.

  • 3+ years marketing experience in UK
  • Previous related experience working for major chains or electronics distributors
  • Previous experience of related work for such companies as Casio, Sharp, Franklin, Seiko, HP, Palm, Magellan or other is a plus.
  • Strong people management skills
  • Enthusiasm and motivation to meet and exceed challenging goals
  • Must be authorized to work in United Kingdom.

    Degree in marketing, business or communications.

    To Apply:
    Only candidates meeting the above qualifications need apply. Please email your cover letter and resume to
  • Freelance Translator

    Ectaco, Inc. is looking for freelance professional interpreters to work on its linguistic projects. The work mainly includes translation or proofreading tasks. Knowledge of the language should be native or near-native level. Ability to assume responsibility, work under pressure and be a team player is a must.

    If you are interested in it and want to be included in our database of native speakers, please fill in this Form.


    We need people who know two or more languages to work with our databases. The job involves adding, correcting and translating words, phrases, and idioms. Knowledge of the language should be native or near-native level. Ability to assume responsibility, work under pressure and be a team player is a must. Contact


    We need native speakers of various languages to check system messages and prompts. If you feel that this job is for you, please contact for more details.


    Our dealers account for the greatest volume of sales of electronic dictionaries. Become our dealer and sell electronic dictionaries in regions! If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the form on our For dealer page.

    Homepage owners

    Let's do business together! We present three programs for everyone from an on-line store owner to a family homepage developer. Click here for free registration.

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