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Site news archive 2011

Dec 20, 2011    ECTACO Provides Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with its iTRAVL Speech-to-Speech Translators for the UEFA 2012 European Soccer Championship
 This modification to the ECTACO iTRAVL is similar to the original SpeechGuards for military, law enforcement, and Homeland Security, which have been used by over 400 different agencies worldwide. The intended goal is to facilitate communication between local Ukrainian law enforcement officials and foreign guests. A similar device was successfully implemented during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Dec 15, 2011    jetBook Color in Russian Schools
 You walk into a classroom, sit in the same wooden chair as so many others do on a daily basis and prepare to learn. But this time you don't have that 5 pound dumbell of a book to carry around, instead it's been replaced with the jetBook Color.

Nov 10, 2011    ECTACO's World Famous Language Teacher Now Available on Android Devices
 Now ECTACO is proud to announce its Language Teacher, one of the company's most successful and popular language learning programs, which is being released today for all Android enabled devices.

Nov 8, 2011    ECTACO jetBook Color Receives Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CES)
 In 2011, the jetBook Color eTextbookReader broke through the educational market to offer students and teachers the ability to save money on books while providing unlimited teaching resources.

Nov 3, 2011    jetBook Color's E Ink Triton Display is the Innovation of the Year
 The screen used in our newest ECTACO jetBook Color has been acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal with the 2011 Innovation Award.

Oct 27, 2011    New Android Powered Language Teacher Programs from ECTACO
 Brand new Android apps now available from ECTACO.

Aug 16, 2011    All New Android Software Packs Now Available
 Get These Bundles Now at Half the Cost!

Jun 24, 2011    ECTACO jetBook K-12 is Available for Pre-Order
 The launch we’ve all been waiting for!

Apr 29, 2011    Introducing Android compatible Software
 We are glad to introduce the latest ECTACO development in the sphere of translation software. An immense variety of software products has been recently released and is now available for download for just USD 7.95 each

Apr 18, 2011    You spoke, we listened
 Firmware update 0.4.0 for jetBook mini

Apr 6, 2011    A more comfortable FB2 reading experience and more now added!
 Our jetBook mini has a new update!

Feb 16, 2011    jetBook® mini version 0.3.8
 The jetBook® mini has received yet another update. FB2 performance and general usability improved and more

Jan 24, 2011    The newest update to jetBook mini
 The jetBook mini has received yet another update.

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