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Site news archive 2014

Nov 26, 2014    ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX Galaxy Multi 31
 Offline and no need for an internet connection, speak any of the 31-languages freely with the TLX/Galaxy!

Oct 31, 2014    ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX SpeechGuard TLX for Russian speakers
 Fast, Efficient, and More Powerful: The SpeechGuard is the world's most advanced and only professional voice translator, smartphone, and travel assistant. Years of development between Ectaco, Inc. and the US military yielded the SpeechGuard, and it has now been molded into a civilian friendly multilingual version for Russian speakers, model TLX/Ru8 for Russian Speakers

Jul 31, 2014    Ectaco Partner LUX2 - Speak 31 languages by simply pressing a button

NY-based Ectaco, Inc., the world's leading supplier of handheld translation technology to consumers and governments, has just announced the release of a new sophisticated pocket-sized translator Partner LUX 2 for 31 languages (all in one device) that is set to change the face of international communication forever.

Apr 28, 2014    NEW 19 language SpeechGuard TLX: Rugged World Travel Smartphone, Voice Translator & Language Assistant is now available for the most popular European and Asian languages

Long Island City, NY. Fast, Efficient, and Powerful: The SpeechGuard is the world's only professional voice translator, smartphone and travel assistant. A joint effort in development between Ectaco, Inc. and the US military yielded SpeechGuard, it has been molded into civilian friendly multilingual version, model TLX/WLD19. The SpeechGuard benefits many businesses, professionals, and individuals throughout the world.

Feb 18, 2014    Ectaco Universal Translator UT Lite and non-Lite apps for Android have been updated
 Whether you're multilingual, trying to learn a foreign language, or just want to travel Europe, America and Asia, you will face no difficulty switching easily between available languages in this application. Romanized translations presented for "complex" languages, in addition to native script, will help you speak the translation immediately.

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