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Ectaco releases English–Japanese bidirectional dictionary software for Pocket PC

Ectaco releases English–Japanese bidirectional dictionary software for Pocket PC

Jun 14, 2002

Ectaco, Inc. unveils new Partner® English<->Japanese dictionary for Pocket PC. Our program works on MIPS, ARM/StrongARM or SH3 CPU-based devices.

The software comprises a full-volume English<->Japanese bidirectional dictionary database with approximately 400,000 entries. The program allows instant word translation and reverse translation. Partner® dictionary will help you in learning a foreign language.

You can use the Japanese virtual keyboard to input Japanese characters. You can access the virtual keyboard by pressing the button in the bottom-right screen corner. The Japanese keyboard provides three methods of input:
Transliterated Input
Input by Radical
Kana Input

System requirements:
Desktop PC with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000 to run Setup and ActiveSync software; WindowsCE 3.0 and higher, Pocket PC - RAM 7.5MB