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Feb 1, 2006

Welcome to the wonderful world of the future. A world where communicating is easy, instant and carefree! The release of the Magic Talker LM-550 puts an incredible amount of power and flexibility in the palm of your hand. Able to instantly translate in both directions between Korean and English, Japanese or Chinese it also pronounces most of the translations aloud in the natural voices of native speakers. Now you need no longer worry about being misunderstood – this handy little device will have you speaking like a native immediately while helping you improve your pronunciation at the same time! It is full to bursting with great reference materials. And not only does it includes the comprehensive standard dictionaries you would expect but also numerous added dictionaries of specialist terms for IT, Business, Legal, Medical professions and more. Truly a universal companion and assistant, this remarkable handheld features a classy touch-screen, video capabilities, expandable and upgradeable memory and full integration with your PC. For use at home, school or when travelling, once you have the LM-550 in your pocket you won’t want to go anywhere without it.

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