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Ectaco is happy to offer a unique 2-for-1 deal - buy any Deluxe version of its Partner P900 or iTRAVL NTL series electronic translator at a discounted price and get an Accessory Pack with loads of extras! Additionally you get FREE shipping within the continental US on ANY item $98 or more!

This is a perfect gift idea for anyone wanting to learn and translate a foreign language.

The most advanced models of many of our products are delivered with the ECTACO/C-Pen scanner. A handheld scanner that allows you to grab, import and translate text wherever you find it, the combination of the C-Pen scanner and the sophisticated full-text translation modules found in ECTACO devices make an unbeatable combination when you need to understand the world around you. Once you have uploaded and translated your text, Ectaco devices will even pronounce the translation aloud offering you undreamed of possibilities for complete understanding.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a Deluxe model from one of three series.

Partner P900* are the most functional translators on the market and have been specially developed for studying languages. They are also extremely useful for travelers.

See the full list and learn more about the Partner P900 series here...

iTRAVL NTL* - Hands down the best product on the market for travelers. Not only does it let you communicate in comfort and style with the locals but also helps you learn another language from start to finish

See the full list and learn more about the iTRAVL NTL series here...

These promo prices and offers are valid only until July 16, 2024.

Buy any Partner 900 or iTRAVL Deluxe speech-to-speech translator listed below at a discounted price and get an Accessory Pack absolutely FREE!

Multilingual Partner P900 and iTRAVL NTL series:

Regular Price Summer
Sale Price
13-language Universal Partner 13MT900 Deluxe $849.95 $709.95 Buy now
9-language Middle Eastern Partner 9ME900AK Deluxe $679.95 $539.95 Buy now
8-language Western European Partner 8E900 Deluxe $679.95 $539.95 Buy now
6-language Western European Partner EW900 Deluxe $629.95 $489.95 Buy now
9-language Western European iTRAVL NTL-9C Deluxe $599.95 $629.95 Buy now

Bilingual Partner 900 series electronic translators:

Regular Price Summer
Sale Price
Partner EA900 Deluxe English <-> Arabic <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EC900 Deluxe English <-> Chinese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EF900 Deluxe English <-> French <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EGm900 Deluxe English <-> German <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EI900 Deluxe English <-> Italian <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EJ900 Deluxe English <-> Japanese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EK900 Deluxe English <-> Korean <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EP900 Deluxe English <-> Polish <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EPg900 Deluxe English <-> Portuguese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner ER900 Deluxe English <-> Russian <-> English $449.95 $399.95 Buy now
Partner ES900 Deluxe English <-> Spanish <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner FA900 Deluxe French <-> Arabic <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now

Bilingual iTRAVL NTL series:

Sale Price
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2Ch English <-> Chinese <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2Cz English <-> Czech <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2F English <-> French <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2Gm English <-> German <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2Hu English <-> Hungarian <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2I English <-> Italian <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2K English <-> Korean <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2P English <-> Polish <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2Pg English <-> Portuguese <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2R English <-> Russian <-> English $499.95 Buy now
iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2S English <-> Spanish <-> English $499.95 Buy now

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If you prefer a product not listed as part of this promo - write us an - we may be able to offer you a discount and a gift.

Choose any other handheld dictionary you need in any of the 48 available languages. Regular Prices range from $59.95 to $849.95

Select language pair:    
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multilingual products:
Select main features:
Talking Speech recognition Full text translation
For tourists For language learning

We provide worldwide delivery.
Shipping cost is determined by the weight & size dimensions of your purchased items, the distance between our warehouse and your shipping address, and how quickly you request the package be delivered.
Second business day delivery within the continental US is available for an additional $25.
Overnight delivery within the continental US is available for an additional $35.
We provide standard delivery to Europe & other parts of the world at no additional charge.

Choose any translation software you need in any of the 48 available languages. Regular Prices range from $19.95 to $339.95

Select language pair:    
Select platform: Pocket PC Windows Palm OS Smartphones Symbian
Select software type:
Dictionary Phrasebook
FlashCards Language Support
Handheld Evaluator Software Collection
Machine Translator Voice Interpreter

* Please note: Devices may function differently depending on the language you choose. Please see the detailed description of the model you want before making your purchase.

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