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Check out our limited time deals for 2020!

The Partner 900 series devices represent our most advanced handhelds. Available in regular, Deluxe (additionally allows you to scan and translate any text) and Grand (additionally equipped with GPS receiver, a 4Gb SD card with US map and useful add-ons for your car) versions, they include everything you need to communicate and learn a foreign language. With their unsurpassed language management utilities, the 900 line offers a range of the most sought after resources including unbeatable talking translating Dictionaries, an Audio PhraseBook with over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken aloud using True Voice human pronunciation, advanced Speech Recognition modules and a Talking 39 language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words. In addition to a customizable bilingual interface and robust Audio and Video players, Partner 900 series devices also include our patented Language Teacher and U-Learn systems and the popular jetBook e-Book reader plus loads of extras.

Just imagine how fast you can learn a foreign language now! Go for it and choose the one you need today!

NO NEED FOR AN INTERNET CONNECTION - start using any device right out of the box!

Buy any Ectaco P900 series electronic translator and get free Accessory Pack ($100 value) with loads of extras! Additionally you get FREE shipping within the continental US & Canada on ANY item $98 or more!

These promo prices and offers are valid only until March 30, 2020.

Multilingual Partner 900 series electronic translators:

Regular Price Spring
Sale Price
Partner 900 PRO Galaxy Multi 31 language $599.95 $399.95 Buy now
Partner EW900 PRO Multilingual $499.95 $379.95 Buy now
Partner 13MT900 Multilingual $769.95 $629.95 Buy now
Partner 8E900 Multilingual $599.95 $459.95 Buy now
Partner 9ME900AK Multilingual $599.95 $459.95 Buy now
Partner EW900 Multilingual $549.95 $409.95 Buy now
Partner 13MT900 Deluxe Multilingual $849.95 $709.95 Buy now
Partner 9ME900AK Deluxe Multilingual $679.95 $539.95 Buy now
Partner EW900 Deluxe Multilingual $629.95 $489.95 Buy now

Bilingual Partner 900 PRO series electronic translators:

Regular Price Spring
Sale Price
DR900 PRO German <-> Russian $349.95 $229.95 Buy now
EA900 PRO English <-> Arabic $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EAl900 PRO English <-> Albanian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EAr900 PRO English <-> Armenian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EB900 PRO English <-> Bulgarian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EBs900 PRO English <-> Bosnian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EC900 PRO English <-> Chinese $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ECr900 PRO English <-> Croatian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ECz900 PRO English <-> Czech $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EDu900 PRO English <-> Dutch $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EEs900 PRO English <-> Estonian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EF900 PRO English <-> French $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EFa900 PRO English <-> Farsi $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EFn900 PRO English <-> Finnish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EG900 PRO English <-> Greek $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EGm900 PRO English <-> German $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EH900 PRO English <-> Hebrew $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EHi900 PRO English <-> Hindi $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EHu900 PRO English <-> Hungarian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EI900 PRO English <-> Italian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EIn900 PRO English <-> Indonesian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EJ900 PRO English <-> Japanese $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EK900 PRO English <-> Korean $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ELi900 PRO English <-> Lithuanian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ELv900 PRO English <-> Latvian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EP900 PRO English <-> Polish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EPg900 PRO English <-> Portuguese $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ER900 PRO English <-> Russian $449.95 $349.95 Buy now
ERm900 PRO English <-> Romanian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ES900 PRO English <-> Spanish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ESe900 PRO English <-> Serbian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ESl900 PRO English <-> Slovak $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ESw900 PRO English <-> Swedish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ET900 PRO English <-> Turkish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ETg900 PRO English <-> Tagalog $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
ETh900 PRO English <-> Thai $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EUa900 PRO English <-> Ukrainian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
EV900 PRO English <-> Vietnamese $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
RF900 PRO French <-> Russian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
RI900 PRO Italian <-> Russian $349.95 $279.95 Buy now
RS900 PRO Russian <-> Spanish $349.95 $279.95 Buy now

Bilingual Partner 900 series electronic translators:

Regular Price Spring
Sale Price
Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic <-> English with Bible (in Arabic) $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EA900 English <-> Arabic <-> English with Quran (in Arabic) $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EAl900 English <-> Albanian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EAr900 English <-> Armenian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EB900 English <-> Bulgarian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EBs900 English <-> Bosnian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EC900 English <-> Chinese <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ECr900 English <-> Croatian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ECz900 English <-> Czech <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EDu900 English <-> Dutch <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EEs900 English <-> Estonian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EF900 English <-> French <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EFa900 English <-> Farsi <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EFn900 English <-> Finnish <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EG900 English <-> Greek <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EGm900 English <-> German <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EH900 English <-> Hebrew <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EHi900 English <-> Hindi <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EHu900 English <-> Hungarian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EI900 English <-> Italian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EIn900 English <-> Indonesian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EJ900 English <-> Japanese <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EK900 English <-> Korean <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ELi900 English <-> Lithuanian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ELv900 English <-> Latvian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EP900 English <-> Polish <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EPg900 English <-> Portuguese <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ER900 English <-> Russian <-> English $399.95 $349.95 Buy now
Partner ERm900 English <-> Romanian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ES900 English <-> Spanish <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ESL900 English <-> Slovak <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ESe900 English <-> Serbian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ESw900 English <-> Swedish <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ET900 English <-> Turkish <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ETg900 English <-> Tagalog (Filipino) <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner ETh900 English <-> Thai <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EUa900 English <-> Ukrainian <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Partner EV900 English <-> Vietnamese <-> English $349.95 $259.95 Buy now
Regular Price Spring
Sale Price
Partner EA900 Deluxe - English <-> Arabic <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EC900 Deluxe - English <-> Chinese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EF900 Deluxe - English <-> French <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EGm900 Deluxe - English <-> German <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EI900 Deluxe - English <-> Italian <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EJ900 Deluxe - English <-> Japanese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EK900 Deluxe - English <-> Korean <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EP900 Deluxe - English <-> Polish <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner EPg900 Deluxe - English <-> Portuguese <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now
Partner ER900 Deluxe - English <-> Russian <-> English $449.95 $399.95 Buy now
Partner ES900 Deluxe - English <-> Spanish <-> English $399.95 $304.95 Buy now


900 Grand Each multilingual P900 Grand series electronic translator comes equipped with a GPS receiver plus you get the GPS maps for the whole region you want pre-loaded! Special offer applies too! Click here to learn more...

SD cards have been released for each and every of the language combinations listed above. They give you the option to install alternative languages onto your Partner P900.
Now, when in need of additional language pairs, you don't need to purchase a new device!
Simply get an SD card with the languages you need to supplement your ECTACO Partner P900.

AC adapter, rechargeable battery and corresponding SD card are included in the package.

If you need a product not listed as part of this promo - write us an - we may be able to offer you a discount and a gift.

Choose any other handheld dictionary you need in any of the 48 languages available. Prices range from $59.95 to $849.95

Select language pair:    
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multilingual products:
Select main features:
Talking Speech recognition Full text translation
For tourists For language learning

We provide worldwide delivery.
Shipping cost is determined by the weight & size dimensions of your purchased items, the distance between our warehouse and your shipping address, and how quickly you request the package be delivered.
Second business day delivery within the continental US is available for an additional $25.
Overnight delivery within the continental US is available for an additional $35.
We provide standard delivery to Europe & other parts of the world at no additional charge.

Choose any translation software you need in any of the 48 available languages. Prices range from $9.95 to $339.95

Select language pair:    
Select platform: Windows Mobile Pocket PC Windows Palm OS Smartphones Symbian
Select software type:
Dictionary Phrasebook
FlashCards Language Support
Handheld Evaluator Software Collection
Machine Translator Voice Interpreter

The best products for travelers! Speech-to-speech translators featuring full text translation.
ECTACO iTRAVL NTL 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary — You speak into the device and it pronounces the translation for you!
Unlike any other language assistant in the world, the iTRAVL NTL range is an amazing combination of speech recognition, native speaker voice output, full text machine translation and the most extensive dictionaries and phrasebooks currently available. What could be better?
Get more detailed information here.
See the iTRAVL video presentation
* Please note: Devices may function differently depending on the language you choose. Please see the detailed description of the model you want before making your purchase.

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