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    Frequently Asked Questions on Partner 900 series models.

    English-Arabic EA900 model is used as an example.

    • What technology do you use for the pronunciation of English and Arabic words and phrases?
      We use digitally recorded voice narration by native English and Arabic speakers in all Partner EA900 applications.

    • Are all words and phrases represented by audio pronunciation?
      99% of English words and 70% of Arabic words feature pronunciation recorded by a professional narrator. For the remaining words we use Text-To-Speech technology. All of the examples and phrases contained in the EA9000 have been narrated by native speakers.

    • Do you use male or female voices for pronunciation?
      For better language acquisition we use both male and female voices.

    • What kind of lock do you use in the Partner EA900? I do not see any push-button in the picture.
      We use a magnetic lock across the entire P900 series. They have proven to be more reliable than manual locks.

    • The keyboard in the picture looks 3D. Why is that?
      We used semi-transparent keys with low optical magnification for the keyboard. Printing the letters on the bottom of each key insures that the imprint does not wear off with time and that the user can always access the correct letter/key.

    • I have poor eyesight. Do you plan to make a keyboard with larger letters?
      We do not have immediate plans to enlarge the letters on the keyboard as it may require us to enlarge the case and the unit will no longer serve as a true pocket-sized device. Nevertheless, we have designed a perfect accessibility tool for those with poor vision. By default we set keyboard into audio-on mode. That means that every time you press a key on the keyboard you will hear the pronunciation of the letter you press out loud. If you are in English mode you hear the pronunciation of English letters. In Arabic mode you hear the pronunciation of Arabic letters. In the calculator mode, all numbers and operations are spoken aloud in English. This interface feature helps people with poor vision, those who want to learn the pronunciation of foreign letters and people who want to learn "blind typing" on the keyboard. This feature can be turned off in the Settings menu if it is not needed. Another accessibility option is a pop-up virtual keyboard. You may touch the keyboard icon on the side of the screen and a large virtual keyboard will appear on the screen.

    • I'm near sighted while my husband is far sighted. Do you have a font option that will serve us both well?
      Yes. We have 3 different font options in all P900 models: Large, Medium and Small. You may choose the one that suits you best in the Settings menu.

    • What are the standard working and charging times for the EA900?
      Under normal usage of visual and audio information, the EA900 works from between 7-10 days before needing to be charged. The normal charging time is around 3 hours and is indicated when the LED goes out.

    • Can I change the languages in the EA900? What other languages are available?
      Yes. You may replace the SD card located on the right side of the unit with other language cards to access another set of languages and features. By mid-2009 you will have 42 languages and language combinations to choose from on our Web site. Please register your email above and we will send you weekly and monthly updates.

    • What is the mini-USB port on the side of the unit for?
      The mini-USB port on the right side of the unit allows you to charge the EA900 battery from your PC, connect accessories such as Ectaco/C-Pen hand scanner and for data transfer between the device and a PC. You may also download new music, books and pictures onto the EA900 using this port. The mini-USB to USB connecting cable is included in every Partner P900 package.

    • What is included in EA900 package?
      The following components are included in the standard Partner P900 package: P900 device with battery inside, AC/DC wall adapter for charging the battery, mini-USB to USB cable for charging from PC and transferring files, silicone earphone/microphone set for personal language studies and FM-Radio, padded pouch for the P900, a bonus CD with LingvoSoft dictionaries for PC for 42 languages, a User's Manual. The Partner P900 Deluxe package features a hand-held Ectaco/C-Pen scanner for quick text acquisition in addition to the components listed above.

    • Which OS does the Partner EA900 use?
      The Partner EA900 uses the Windows CE 5.0 OS

    • How I can listen to the words and phrases without disturbing the people around me?
      You may either lower the volume using the icon on the right side of the screen or use the included silicone earphone/microphone set to listen to loud and clear pronunciation of the words and phrases.

    • What is the size of the English-Arabic dictionary?
      Currently, the size of English-Arabic dictionary is about 697,000 words. However, we continue working on the expansion of our dictionaries towards the inclusion of more engineering, medical, legal and other terms. Please register your email above to get the latest upgrades for your EA900.

    • What are the weight and dimensions of the Partner EA900?
      The EA900 weighs 249 grams (8.8 oz) and measures 129mm x 87mm x 21mm (5.0 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches).

    • What is the microphone on the left lower corner of keyboard for?
      The microphone on the Partner P900 series is used for Speech Recognition and voice recording functions.

    • How many applications does the Partner P900 contain?
      Normally, the Partner P900 contains 27 major applications. They are: English to/from Foreign Language Dictionary, English Explanatory Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Text Translation, Audio PhraseBook, Irregular Verbs, Voiced American idioms with translations, SAT200 preparation test, SAT5000 preparation test, Language Teacher learning program, U-Learn Hands-Free learning program, English Grammar, Linguistic Crossword, Pockets Language Game, Translation Test, Spell-It-Right application, FlashCards language game, Hangman, jetBook electronic book reader, Voice recorder, USA Citizenship Interview with written and spoken questions and answers, AudioBook player, FM-Radio, World Time viewer, Metric to/from Imperial conversion calculator, Talking Calculator, Modern Arabic Tradition Test. But please bear in mind that based on language pair and project specification, the applications may be added or omitted from the list.

    • Aside from the translation and pronunciation of words, what other features does the English-Arabic dictionary application contain?
      The English-Arabic Dictionary program also provides the transcription of English words, usage examples of the words in phrases and sentences, translation history, slang lock option, add-on to FlashCards option, an English explanatory dictionary and others.

    • Does the EA900 have a built in spell-checker?
      Yes, the EA900 has a built-in spell-checker. To access it, you simply type the word and simultaneously press the Shift + PageDown keys.

    • Does the EA900 translate from English to Arabic or in both directions?
      Most of the linguistic applications of Partner EA900 are bi-directional and you may translate from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English.

    • What accessories are available for the Partner EA900?
      We are constantly expanding the range of accessories for our product. At the moment the following accessories available for the P900 that are not included in the standard delivery package: the Ectaco/C-pen hand-held scanner for quick text scanning into the dictionary, Text Translation or jetBook application, an in-car charger, over-the-head earphone/microphone set, an international power adapter, extra batteries, stylus.

    • What is the Picture Dictionary for?
      The Picture Dictionary has been designed as one of the menu-accessed Partner P900 learning applications. With it you have access to thousands of words in various topics. Each word has an image associated with it, pronunciation narrated by a native speaker and cross translation into 10 languages. You may chose the word and translate it to/from Arabic, Czech, French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish and memorize it.

    • What is the Memorize Now function for?
      The Memorize Now window that contains a word, its translation and the image for an entry opens prior to the launching of any application in the P900 and stays on the screen for 3-6 sec.. Based on our research, this function dramatically improves the vocabulary building through the association of the image and translation.

    • Does English-Arabic Text Translation program work in both directions or only from English to Arabic?
      Yes, as with most of our Text Translation programs, the English-Arabic Text Translation program translates from English into Arabic and vice versa.

    • How can I place a large text into the Text Translation program?
      You may either type this text directly into the Text Translation window or copy the text from your PC into the P900 jetBook reader and then copy/paste it into the Text Translation window. One of the most efficient ways to work with large texts is to use the optional Ectaco/C-pen handheld scanner. Instead of typing, you simply scan a text line by line into the Text Translation window and then translate entire text at the touch of a button.

    • Is there direct access to EA900 applications or do I have to go screen by screen?
      You do not have to browse screen by screen for an application. You may simply press the Microphone button, say name of the application (Calculator, for example) and this application opens immediately.

    • How many phrases are in the Audio PhraseBook? Do all of them have audio output?
      There are about 14,000 phrases in the Audio PhraseBook divided into various topic areas. All of these phrases have been narrated by native speakers.

    • What does the Language Teacher program consist of?
      The Language Teacher learning program consists of 4 parts: alphabet studies and memorization, and the correct pronunciation of words, phrases and dialogs.

    • Do I always have to repeat the words and phrases when I'm talking the U-Learn course?
      No. Using the Sleep Mode you may disable the required feedback and you may learn the language while you sleep.

    • What should I do if I have no idea of the translation for the word in Linguistic Crossword? Are there any hints?
      Yes, there are hints incorporated into each language game. By pressing the Say button the first time you will hear the pronunciation of the word in the foreign language. Pressing the same button for the second time will provide its pronunciation in English.

    • How do I access the hints in the Hangman game?
      Press the Say button to hear the hidden word.

    • What is the Voice Recorder for?
      Based on our studies, the use of the Voice Recorder is most efficient for recording conversations in foreign languages and then translating them in the comfort of your own home or office using the entire collection Partner P900 language tools.

    • Can I read books in both, English and Arabic in the jetBook Reader application?
      Yes. You may read electronic books in the jetBook reader program in English and Arabic, as well as many other languages

    • Can I translate unknown words when I read a book in the jetBook Reader?
      Yes, you may translate an unknown word by highlighting it and then choosing the translation option from the pop-up menu.

    • What are the other languages currently supported by the jetBook reader?
      The jetBook reader supports more than 50 different languages. Please register to receive information on the latest updates.

    • Can the jetBook reader display pictures?
      Yes, if the downloaded book contains pictures, then the jetBook reader will display those pictures as well.

    • How do I download books to the jetBook reader?
      Connect the Partner P900 to your PC and turn it on. It will appear as an additional drive in Windows Explorer. Open that drive and copy/paste the books from your eBooks directory on the C drive into the jetBook folder. Now the books will appear in the list of available electronic books in the jetBook directory.

    • Can I change the font size and font appearance in the jetBook reader?
      Yes. You have a choice of 5 different font sizes and 4 typefaces. You may also make text bold, justify the page, set margins, expand the reading field, see a progress bar, change text color, search and Bookmark text and many other functions.

    • Does USA Interview have the answers to the questions? What about the correct English pronunciation for the answers?
      The USA Citizenship Exam consist of questions and answers about American history, government structure, the US Constitution, etc. All questions and answers have been narrated by native speaking language professionals.

    • What is the Audio Player for?
      We have found the best use of the Audio Player is for the study of foreign languages by listening AudioBooks narrated in that language. However, you may also listen to any music as you would on a regular MP3 player.

    • How does the FM Radio work?
      The Partner P900 is equipped with an FM Radio. It will help you to immerse yourself in the language when you study in a foreign country. Be sure to connect the earphones to P900 as they also serve as the antenna for the radio. You may choose between sound output thru earphone speakers or thru the internal P900 speaker. Pressing the Seek icon allows you to select the station you wish to listen to.

    • What are the icons on both sides of the screen for?
      The icons on both sides of the screens have been designed for direct access to the most popular applications such as the Dictionary, Audio PhraseBook, Audio Player, Calculator and setup. You may also call a pop-up menu for each application, listen to a pronunciation, set microphone values, increase/decrease volume, call for the virtual keyboard and navigate to the Next/Previous screen.

    • How does the Language Teacher and U-Learn system work? Will I learn English or Arabic with these systems?
      Most of the Partner P900 learning applications are bi-directional and allow you to learn both languages. Once you open the Language Teacher or U-Learn program, you will receive a prompt asking you for the language you want to learn. By tapping on that prompt you set the system to teach you the English or Arabic language.