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    ECTACO SpeechGuard 4G Multilingual Voice Translator & Body camera with SOS button

    ECTACO SpeechGuard Multilingual Voice Translator & Body camera with SOS button

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    Traveling can be an absolute pain! Trying to find your way around, interpreting another language, worrying about your phone & how you are going to contact your friends in case of emergence? Stop worrying - we've got you completely covered with the new Multi 31 language SpeechGuard Voice Translator and Body Camera! Easy to use and reliable; this rugged body camera and voice translator with SOS single click button will act as your own personal language assistant and your guard in case of emergency. A huge jump in travel technology, the SpeechGuard can receive FREE calls in over 160 countries, translate anything you say or see, and access tons of other useful travel tools. Everything is preloaded on your SpeechGuard device, no need to worry about difficult setups or downloads.

    This is an exceptional speech to speech translator, waterproof camera and phone all in one solution for exceptional situations.

    Ectaco SpeechGuard - better than any GoPro and alike body cameras! It streams the video in real time as you go thru 4G mobile network and Wi-Fi when it is available. If no connection is available it records all video and audio onto internal memory and burst it to your server whenever connection is established.
    Designed to be used by the US Military overseas and Police Forces, SpeechGuard is a true breakthrough in wearable cameras technology.
    Peripheral camera takes stunning 4K video and 8MP photos. Encased into IP67 waterproof and dust proof case with Powerful speaker, Wi-Fi module and a slot for SIM card and 4G mobile link, it provides a real time video stream to the server, Facebook, Instagram etc.
    You will never be lost and your friends will always be able to see the video you shot seconds ago

    Durable by design is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing

    Main Features:
    • 31 languages speech-to-speech translator (no need for Internet connection)
    • Photo Translator
    • GPS
    • 10-hours continues recording battery
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Voice recorder
    • Google Play
    • Preview and playback your shots
    • Skype
    • 1.54-inch Touch Color Display
    • SOS: Get help in a hurry! The SOS button is designed to get you out of a rough situation in a hurry. Just press the SOS button and the SpeechGuard will take a number of actions. Within seconds it will turn on your GPS tracking and location services. Next, it will send out a message to 3 emergency contacts of your choice. This message will contain your GPS coordinates for a fast rescue. Then, it will call your primary emergency contact number.
    • Extreme Durability: Completely waterproof, shock proof and dustproof
    • Free incoming calls in over 160 countries.

    An outstanding emergency tools for
    • Police
    • First Responders
    • Medical Industry
    • Aviation
    • Active sports
    • Back country skiers and hikers
    • Hunters
    • Social media gurus
    • Etc


    • Android Operating System 6.0
    • 8MP Waterproof camera
    • 4G LTE: WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHZ
    • Supports flash
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • Large 2000 mAh Battery
    • 3.5mm Audio Out Port
    • nanoSIM card Slot
    • Micro SD Card Slot, up to 128GB
    • Microphone
    • Loud Speaker

    Speech recognitionFull sentence translationPronunciation

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