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    ECTACO iTRAVL VIZ 10 English <-> Latvian 2-way OFFLINE Voice Translator, Electronic Dictionary & Language Assistant

    Model TL-VIZ10/ELv

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    ECTACO iTRAVL VIZ 10 English <-> Latvian 2-way OFFLINE Voice Translator, Electronic Dictionary & Language Assistant
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    Old Price: $499.95    Price: $34995

    NO NEED FOR AN INTERNET CONNECTION - start using it right out of the box.

    The greatest travel companion you could ask for - plus it fits into your pocket! Whether you are learning a language to travel to your dream destination or if you just need a quick and easy real time translation, the iTRAVL VIZ 10 is here to help.

    Real time interactive learning programs like the U-Learn go step by step teaching you a basic and advanced curriculum for language learning starting with Alphabets and going all the way to Dialogues. Pre-programmed phrases and speech recognition functionality allow you to speak and translate anything in both directions and have it pronounced in a real human voice via speech to speech translation. Other features include a massive talking dictionary, electronic translator and full text translator.

    OFFLINE VOICE TRANSLATOR. Simply speak into iTRAVL VIZ 10 in English and have it translate what you say. Very effective way to connect with foreigners or locals in foreign countries. Voice translation works in both directions.

    FULL TEXT TRANSLATION - Yes, type anything! The name says it all. Just type a word or phrase into this device using the on-screen bilingual virtual keyboard, and it will give you a perfect translation instantly.

    TALKING DICTIONARY. Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly, the iTRAVL VIZ 10 model features all the latest programming advances. This new model employs human voice to speak any of its entries aloud so you don't have to. Perfect for anyone just beginning to explore the world of international communication

    U-LEARN - Even learn on the go! The U-Learn hands and eyes free learning system will teach you a language when you don't want to look at a screen. Just launch this application and select your learning topic (anything from Food to Travel) and the program will start speaking to you and asking questions as if you're conversing with a real human! This makes the entire learning process easier than ever before.

    AUDIO PHRASEBOOK - Travel made easy! With the learning programs above, the Audio Phrasebook application lets you speak into the device in English or Italian and it will recognize what you say based on 14000 pre-programmed phrases! You can select a topic and choose your phrase or even work on your pronunciation. Each phrase is pronounced fluently in English and Italian with the corresponding text provided.

    Free TV - 100+ channels and 1000's of Movies and TV shows - perfect for language learning

    The English-Latvian iTRAVL VIZ 10 includes:

    • 307,000 word talking dictionary for both English and Latvian
    • U-Learn hands and eyes free language learning program
    • Audio Travel PhraseBook with speech recognition and real human pronunciation translates and speaks 14,000 travel-related words and phrases in both languages using these topics: Basics, Traveling, Hotel, Local Transport, Sightseeing, Bank, Communication means, In the restaurant, Food/Drinks, Shopping, Repairs/Laundry, Sport/Leisure, Health/Drugstore, Beauty Care, and Calling for Police
    • Talking 39 Language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words
    • Consistent Full-text Machine Translation
    • Large English explanatory dictionary
    • Bilingual interface
    • Hi-resolution 6-inch Full HD LCD Touchscreen display (1920x1080) and dual stereo speakers
    • Built-in Video Player supports .mp4 .avi, .wma, .wav, .ogg, .jpg and .png audio, video, and image formats
    • AC adapter and USB cable are included in the standard package.

    Product specification
    Hardware Platform: Android
    Display Size: 6"
    Native Resolution: 1920x1080
    Processor: Snapdragon 615 1.45GHz octocore APQ8039
    Item Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.2 in
    Weight: 2.08 ounces
    Batteries: Lithium ion battery 2740mAh
    Other802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0
    2GB RAM
    16GB Storage
    dual stereo speakers

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    Detailed informationSpeech recognition English, Latvian
    Detailed informationFull sentence translation

    Detailed informationDisplay 6-inch Full HD LCD Touchscreen display (1920x1080)
    Detailed informationTouchscreen
    Detailed informationHeadphones jack
    Detailed informationPC connection
    Detailed informationAC adapter connection
    Detailed informationBattery Li-ion battery 2740mAh
    Detailed informationDimensions (WxHxD) 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.2 in
    Detailed informationWeight 2.08 oz

    Detailed informationLocal time
    Detailed informationVocabulary 307,000
    Detailed informationVoice English, Latvian
    Detailed informationText-to-Speech output Yes
    Detailed informationCommonly used phrases Yes
    Detailed informationUser dictionary

    Value pack
    Detailed information1-year warranty

    Detailed informationMath calculator

    Other features
    Detailed informationU-Learn™ course
    Detailed informationPictured dictionary
    Detailed informationMusic player
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