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Comparison table of JetBook with closest rivals

Comparison table of JetBook with closest rivals

Function ECTACO JetBook Sony eReader Amazon Kindle
Size 153 x 109 x 10mm, 6" x 4.2 x 0.4".
Very comfortable true "pocket" design.
Fits inside jacket pockets easily
175 x 124 x 13mm, 6.9" x 4.9" x 0.5"
"Purse" or "bag" size
187mm x 133mm x 17mm,
7.5" x 5.3" x 0.7".
"Bag" size
Weight 7.5oz, 215gr 9oz, 260gr 10.3oz, 300gr
Case Dark burgundy colored, non-disturbing, non-reflective, long lasting paint, does not get dirty. Also available in graphite, gray and white color. Black or silver glossy case. Easy to slip out of hands White, bulky case with a lot of side keys that get pressed accidently. Back cover constantly falls off, case gets dirty in 3 days
Screen type Reflective TFT, high contrast with eye friendly background, 180 degree viewing area Electronic ink Electronic ink
Screen characteristics Immediate page turn (screen update) without any flash or artifacts. Very good contrast between very light greenish background and black letters. Eyes do not get tired 1-1.5 sec page turning time ( screen update) through black and white "splash" on the screen. After 40-50 pages of reading, eyes get tired due to this effect. Number of artifacts from the previous page left on the next page, causing "dirty" marks. 1-1.5 sec page turning time ( screen update) through black and white "splash" on the screen. After 40-50 pages of reading eyes get tired due to this effect. Number of artifacts from the previous page left on the next page, causing "dirty" marks.
Screen size 5", 105mm x 80mm. Edge-to-edge reading field. 6", 123 x 91mm. 6", 123 x 91mm
Power management - number of pages turned before battery dies 11,500 pages turned on a single charge 7,500 pages turned on a single charge 7,500 pages turned on a single charge
Power charging 4 hours from supplied power adapter, 4 hours on accessory double USB cable from PC, 5 hours from Car adapter 4 hours from supplied power adapter. Does not charge from PC 4 hours from supplied power adapter. Does not charge from PC
Dictionaries Built in English-English, English <-> German, English <-> Polish, English <-> Russian and English <-> Spanish with language Auto detection function. None English-English
Language support Supports and auto detects English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Finnish Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, Albanian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and other European languages Supports English only. Other languages possible support only after hacking the OS. Once OS is hacked, warranty is void English only. No support for other languages
Interface Large interface buttons in English, German, Russian or Polish. All messages, function support, and built-in manuals available in English, German, Polish and Russian. More languages to come soon. English interface only English interface only
Fonts 2 built in fonts (Arial and Verdana) in 6 available sizes from small 12 pt to huge 32 pt, page justification or left side alignment 1 font in 3 sizes, no page justification 1 font in 6 sizes, no page justification
Autopage turning 8 different convenient settings for automatic page turning with Off function None None
Screen rotation Yes. 90 degree Yes. 90 degree None
Page turning keys 3 sets of keys for various settings 3 sets of keys for various settings 2 sets of keys. Keys are bulky and often get pressed accidently
Find in text function Language sensitive regular and T9 search plus numeric search None English search only
Bookmarks Unlimited number of bookmarks for further reference. Page resume function for easy access of last read page, "Jump to page #" function and "Word search" function No "Jump to page #" function. No "Word search" function "Jump to page #" only. No word search in a book
Internal Memory 128M with 112M available for up to 1,000 books Only 160 titles fit internal memory 180M available for 200 books
External memory SD card of up to 2 GB and SDHC card of 4 to 16 GB holds thousands of books, audio books and pictures.
The jetBook only supports cards with FAT file system.
Expensive Memory Stick or miniSD (adaptor (sold separately) required) Up to 4GB SD card
Number of titles Unlimited. 30 popular WEB sites that we have located hold at least 500,000 FREE access books and audiobooks. You can also request a title from us which we will find and send to you right away. 70,000 from Sony site. Mostly paid titles from $1 to $30 per download 110,000 books at Amazon store. Cost from $1 to $30 per download
Cost of titles FREE. Ask us what you need and we will run Internet search for you FREE Requires to buy limited number of books in Sony store Books at Amazon store. Range from $1 to $30 per download
Format support .TXT, .PDF, .FB2, .JPG, .EPUB, .MOBI, .PRC and .RTF BBeB (Sony format), .TXT, .PDF .AZW(Kindle format), .PRC, .MOBI, .MP3, .AA and .TXT
Additional features Audio player, Picture viewer, AudioBooks player, language learning tool MP3 player, Picture viewer MP3 player, Picture viewer
Warranty 12 month International 90 days limited 12 month US warranty
Tech support Free multilingual voice tech support Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm NYT, Free 24/7 email and Forum support
Available accessories Car adapter, External speaker for audiobooks, Safety strap for subway/bus reading, Silicone sleeve, Leather case, 1GB and 2GB SD cards with libraries, Earlight (Night reading light), Travel kit with power plugs for different countries Light, power adapter Light, power adapter

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