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    ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader White

    ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader White

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    ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader White
    Special Offer!
    Buy the jetBook now for $179.95 and get a dual power/datalink cable free!

    Price: $17995

    Lightweight and super-portable, ECTACO jetBook is the world's smallest eBook reader and lets you communicate and learn while you travel! The only choice when it comes to reading foreign language books, its truly pocket-sized dimensions let you carry a complete library in the palm of your hand. Capable of storing thousands of books in the world's most popular languages, plus music and picture files, it is a universal mobile library for professional, business and leisure reading. And the availability of unique ECTACO translating Dictionaries for many languages allows you to learn and communicate wherever you go. With an easy to scan high-resolution 5-inch display and a viewing angle close to 180, it is fully customizable. Even readers who have difficulty seeing print books will benefit from its adjustable text size and font face. Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, this handy device fits anywhere from purses to jacket pockets.

    When reading, jetBook allows text to be searched and cross-referenced using bookmarks which makes it an excellent choice of format for dictionaries and other reference books. And with ECTACO Dictionaries you can translate and learn new words while you read without breaking the flow.

    Readers can begin reading as soon as they download a book without needing to visit a bookstore ever again. And ECTACO jetBook is eco-friendly too, because it doesn't consume the paper, ink, or other resources that are used to produce printed books. Moreover, e-books downloads are always less expensive than the same books on paper; with hundreds of thousand available online for free!

    To help you get started, jetBook comes pre-loaded with the CIA World Factbook to make every trip you take more informative and enjoyable. The CIA World Factbook is one of the best geographic resources in the world. It includes comprehensive geographic, economic and political information for over 270 countries.

    Would you like to get a universal library in your pocket? Click here to see how it works.

    jetBook features include:

    • True pocket-sized portability for thousands of eBooks
    • Support for eBook contents in Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and other European languages
    • Bidirectional dictionaries for certain European languages are available
    • Adobe DRM support
    • Supports books in the new and popular .fb2 format
    • Multilingual interface options that include German!
    • Pre-loaded with CIA World Factbook and a German Dictionary
    • Bookmarks and auto page turn functionality
    • Adjustable font type and size
    • Screen rotation support for both portrait & landscape modes
    • Built-in player that supports background playback
    • The ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader supports .txt, .pdf, .fb2, .jpg, .epub, .mobi, .prc, .rtf and html file formats
    • SD card slot
    • Internal Li-ion polymer battery

    The Perfect Travel Companion

    The easily carried, perfectly portable size helps jetBook makes any trip you take more enjoyable and more effective. The only pocket-sized library of its kind, jetBook can be used to translate the words you need when traveling or help you at home when studying a new language. Thanks to its support for advanced translation functionality, jetBook makes understanding and communicating in foreign languages easier than ever before!

    Large Screen

    jetBook uses a huge, state-of-the-art 5-inch VGA reflective monochrome screen to provide readers with an easily viewed display that's easy on the eyes.. The revolutionary display reflects light without the need for backlighting which tires the eyes when reading for long periods of time. So easy to see and read, jetBook can be used anywhere - in the bright midday sun or the subdued lighting at home.

    A Whole Library In Your Pocket

    Weighing an easy to carry 7.5 oz., jetBook is one of the lightest e-books in the world. Slimmer than even a standard paperback, it easily fits in the palm of your hand for an incredibly comfortable reading experience. The built in flash-memory allows you to store your favorite books to read whenever and wherever you like.
    An SD slot accepts interchangeable SD cards of up to 2 GB and SDHC cards (purchased separately) of 4 to 16 GB in size so that you can increase your portable library almost without limit. The jetBook only supports cards with FAT file system. All cards with non FAT file system are not supported!

    Multilingual Support

    jetBook comes complete with its own collection of books pre-installed so you will already have a head start on building your new library. Allowing you to quickly and easily download and add content from different sources, jetBook provides multiple files format support. It is also able to display books in a number of the world's most popular languages including Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and other European languages! In addition, use jetBook to study a new language or communicate while traveling with ECTACO translating Dictionaries. What's more, jetBook is the world's only eBook Reader that includes a German interface option as standard!

    Designed For Comfort

    jetBook is the most comfortable 'book' you will ever own. Not only is it smaller and lighter than a standard paperback, it also offers numerous different ways for you to read its content. With control buttons located on both its side and face for instant access to all of its advanced features, support for 'portrait' and 'landscape' display modes, adjustable font with type size, and a viewing angle that lets you set the book down and still be able to read it, it is truly the world's most easy to read book.

    T9 Text Input

    jetBook uses the advanced T9 text input method that refers back to its pre-installed dictionaries to complete words as you type them. The comfortable alphanumeric keypad similar to mobile phones makes entering the word you want quick, easy and accurate.

    Bookmarks and Auto Page-turn Functionality

    jetBook makes it easy to add bookmarks and find the pages you need instantly. An advanced auto page-turning function makes reading an effortless experience. Set the auto turn to your average reading speed and simply sit back and enjoy your book. Of course you can always switch the page-turning feature off and 'turn' the pages manually as you like.

    More than Just a Good Book

    jetBook incorporates SD Card expandability (cards available separately) in addition to the built-in 112 MB flash memory so that you can easily store not only a complete library but your favorite music files and pictures too. With its USB mass storage capability, simply connect the jetBook to your PC with a USB cable and add new content or backup what you already have on the device instantly. jetBook displays .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp formatted images.

    Adjustable Typeface and Size

    jetBook features a choice of 6 different font sizes and several popular typefaces so that you can customize your reading experience. Even those who have difficulty reading a conventional book will find it easy and enjoyable to read with jetBook.

    Screen Rotation Support

    jetBook offers a choice of 'landscape' and 'portrait' screen display orientation so that you can use your e-book in the manner you find most comfortable and most suitable to the text you are reading.

    Extended Battery Life

    jetBook is powered by a special rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery which supplies you with over 20 hours of continuous, active use. That's enough for even the longest plane journey. And with a quick recharge time using an AC/DC adapter or by connecting it to your laptop device via a special USB cable (included in the package), you will always be ready to read.

    What comes with your ECTACO jetBook?

    • Power adapter
    • Dual USB cable
    • Storage Pouch
    • User's Manual
    • Bonus CD

    jetBook is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows-based PCs, as well as Linux operated computers

    jetBook Feasibility Questionnaire

    jetBook is now available in different colors! Find your favorite here:

    Buy now!
    Buy now!

    Click here to learn about devices featuring multiple languages



    Detailed informationHeadphones jack
    Detailed informationPC connection
    Detailed informationAC adapter connection
    Detailed informationBattery Li-ion Polymer, 2800mAh (Typical)
    Detailed informationDimensions (WxHxD) 4.3x0.5x6.0 in
    Detailed informationWeight 7.5 oz


    Value pack
    Detailed informationSlim case No
    Detailed information1-year warranty


    Other features


    ECTACO Jetbook review by

    In March of this year (2008) ECTACO released a new electronic book reading device, the Jetbook. Previously a company that produced electronic translation devices, ECTACO put that experience to good use to design and build their Jetbook...


    Our customers are our best referrals! We take pride in helping people understand one another all over the world! Read on and find out how others have overcome language barriers using outstanding Ectaco products, or send us your comments!

    I love the jetbook. My dad bought me a white one for christmas since i cant ever put down a book and since I am going off to college next year, he thought it would be a great way to store all my favorite books without breaking my back. It really out maneuvers anything the other digital reading devices complain about adn I love it. My friend says she wants one now too. I owe it all to the jetbook.

    Vladimir Dautfest

    In 5 minutes I was more impressed with the jetBook than the sony ebook reader. I could not take Sony's "flash" on page turns. The buttons were hard to press and too tiny. E-publishing is the new frontier! Get the jetBook into as many electronics stores as you can. It beats Sony hands-down.

    Vladimir Dautfest

    I love my jetBook. -- no eye strain at all. And I have already used the landscape feature twice. (who would have guessed). Thanks for making such a great eReader.

    Vladimir Dautfest

    I just bought a Jetbook and I'm very happy with it. The screen is a bit small but it's great to read PDFs, especially with the zoom function.

    Vladimir Dautfest

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