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Site news archive 2012

Dec 27, 2012    Scan and Translate Text and Images Instantly with the New Magic Pen Scanner by Ectaco!

Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in portable language learning and translation technology is happy to present a brand new tool for scanning and translating - the LingvoSoft Talking Text Translator for Windows bundled up with a MagicScan scanner. This amazing new solution allows scanning entire texts and translating them both ways. Simply swipe this Ectaco MagicScan over a line of text and have it translated on your PC immediately.

Nov 15, 2012    Ectaco Releases the First Offline Text Translation Software for European Languages on All Android Devices

Ectaco,Inc., the world leader in language translation and learning technology, has recently released an entire set of brand new offline software for Android which allows translating whole sentences and even entire paragraphs of text between English and most European languages including French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Nov 9, 2012    ECTACO Partner LUX is now available for the most popular European languages

Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in portable language learning and translation technology, is proud to present a whole new set of the WORLD’S FIRST FREE SPEECH ECTACO Partner LUX electronic translators that are now available for the most popular European languages.

Sep 27, 2012    Ectaco, Inc. JetBook Mini - A Great Corporate Gift For A Low Price

Aug 27, 2012    Ectaco Dictionary and Phrasebook available for Android users

Ectaco Inc. is a company dedicated to breaking the barrier of language, due to their translation devices and software. And now, in honor of the upcoming Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah, they would like to bridge the language gap even more by offering the Ectaco English/Yiddish Dictionary and Phrasebook FREE for Android users.

Jul 30, 2012    The Ectaco jetBook Color Receives a Significant Firmware Update Driven By Customer Feedback and Reviews
 Ectaco,Inc., the world leader in educational eReader and linguistic technology has released a major update for the jetBook Color eBook reader. This update injects the jetBook Color with more features, functions and optimizations.

Jul 20, 2012    Ectaco Releases New Text Translation Software for Android with No Internet Connection Required

Ectaco,Inc., the world leader in language translation and learning technology, has just released brand new software for Android which allows text translation between English and Russian with no internet connection required.

Jun 20, 2012    Say Hello to the World’s First Free Speech Translator – ECTACO Partner LUX!
 Translate anything. Those were the words used when the Partner LUX was being designed. They proved to create the most powerful Android operated English <-> Russian talking electronic translator and language learning system in the world!

May 11, 2012    Ectaco 183 Language Universal Translator for Android Out Now!
 Ectaco is happy to present a brand new app for Android - Ectaco Universal Translator 183 (UT 183) which is capable of translating between 183 different languages instantly and is a must-have for anyone traveling abroad on a regular basis.

Apr 3, 2012    Ectaco jetBook Color Gets Custom Fitted for the Department of Defense
 The most secure eBook Reader developed exclusively for government entities

Jan 31, 2012    ECTACO jetBook Color at CES 2012
 Last year we received exciting news of being honored with the prestigious CES Innovation Award for our jetBook Color Educational eBook System. Holding this title, we took part in CES 2012 in Las-Vegas from January 10-13 and achieved recognition like never before.

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