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Ectaco Partner LUX3 - Speak 31 languages by simply pressing a button

Sep 16, 2016

NY-based Ectaco, Inc., the world's leading supplier of handheld translation technology to consumers and governments, has just announced the release of a new sophisticated pocket-sized translator Partner LUX 3 for 31 languages (all in one device) that is set to change the face of international communication forever.

Partner ® LUX3- Freedom of speech at the touch of a button! The perfect solution for any language problem. No need to pay for a translator or expensive language lessons; the Partner ® LUX3 can help!

The Partner ® LUX3 is able to translate using natural human voice tones. Offline and no need for an internet connection, speak any of the 31-languages freely with the LUX3.

Travel Forms, menus, and other documents are fully translated and can be read aloud via the integrated camera scanner in the Partner ® LUX3. Composing an e-mail in any language can be spoken in English, and the Partner ® LUX3 will automatically type and translate what you've said into the language of your choice.

The Partner ® LUX3 is also your private language teacher. Not only will it teach you to speak, but it will also aid in building a more extensive vocabulary, ensuring your vocabulary and phonetics are excellent and constantly developing with our Language Teacher ® and Advanced Language Teacher ® Interactive programs.

Our learning technology allows you to activate all three types of memory that every human being has: auditory, visual, and repetitive memory.

Today, mobility is extremely important. With the Ectaco Partner ® LUX3 you can translate or study wherever you are; in the park, house, train, airport, walking, eating ... wherever.

Featuring an integrated video and audio player, the LUX3 can be used as a portable TV, or it can connect to a TV/monitor and watch your movies or learn a language on the big screen!

Change your life and become fluent in any language with the Ectaco Partner ® LUX3!

For more information please visit
or contact us at 347-770-2047, or send an email to

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